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    • 13 Apr, 2015

    Give a street dog a chance


    Bobbie is just one of the hundreds of street dogs in Georgia.

    Living on a building site in a residential area of Tbilisi, Bobbie was first discovered by Dog Organisation Georgia (D.O.G.) in late 2013. D.O.G. wanted to neuter her as part of their neuter and release programme but she was terrified of people and wouldn’t let anyone come near her.

    A short time later, Bobbie was hit by a car in a horrendous accident, resulting in a deep open wound which exposed the bone in her leg. She was petrified but, despite her injury, she still tried to run from people. Fortunately, she was eventually captured and taken to Tbilisi’s Agricultural University Veterinary Clinic.

    An X-ray showed a severe but clean fracture and she was operated on by a team of vets including Dr Mariam and Dr Mao who have received intensive training at The Mayhew’s facilities in London. The vet team performed intricate surgery to insert a pin to hold Bobbie’s bones together, so that she would be able to walk again.

    She spent her recovery in the home of a D.O.G. volunteer but it was a long, slow process; it was months before the pin could be removed. During this time Bobbie became used to living with people and other dogs in a proper home so D.O.G. decided to give her a place in the shelter, so she could have the chance to be rehomed.

    A few months later, 8-year-old Ana visited the shelter with her mother to look for a dog. Ana was going through a difficult time and it was hoped a dog would give her a new focus. It worked… Ana and Bobbie were inseparable! Ana would take Bobbie on bike rides with Bobbie running beside her on the lead, and slowly she started to smile again.

    Tragically, their companionship was to be short-lived.

    Ana’s neighbours did not like dogs and continuously complained, making life extremely difficult. Eventually, Ana and her mother had to make the very upsetting decision to return Bobbie to the shelter.

    Little Bobbie has suffered a great deal already in her short life, but she is now a happy, playful dog who is safe, warm and cared for in the D.O.G. shelter. She is patiently waiting for someone to give her the loving forever home she deserves.

    With the support of Mayhew International and almost entirely volunteer-run, D.O.G. strives to urgently help dogs in need and provide a high standard of care for the dogs and puppies which pass through its shelter. The shelter has one solar panel to provide electricty and water is pumped from a deep bore well. With Mayhew International’s help, D.O.G. also operates a small-scale Tag-Neuter-Release programme to help prevent the city’s street dog population increasing further.

    Please support us so we are able to train more vets in our overseas projects and work with more shelters like D.O.G. in Georgia to help dogs living a harsh life on the street.

    Your £100 could help fund our International Vet Training programme
    Your £50 could help fund neutering initiatives in our overseas projects
    Your £30 could help feed hungry animals at international shelters like D.O.G.
    Your £15 could help us stop the spread of disease among street dogs

    You can make a donation quickly and easily online or by calling us on 020 8206 5870.

    Thank you

    Caroline Yates, CEO
    P.S. Your donation really will help more street dogs like Bobbie gain a better quality of life.

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