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    • Happily Rehomed
    • 23 May, 2017

    A pup-date from Rascal

    At only five-weeks-old, two tiny terrier brothers, Rascal and Toby were dumped in a box and left for dead.  They were rushed to the safety of Mayhew to receive the urgent care they needed.

    Sadly, even with veterinary treatment , Toby didn’t make it (you can read the story of the dumped puppies here). Our vet team continued to fight for Rascal’s life and after ten days of intensive care he was able to leave the isolation unit.

    Rascal before…

    terrier puppy having a bath

    Thankfully Rascal made a full recovery and our adoption team soon found him a new home with a loving family, who have renamed him Kevin.

    Look at him now!

    Rascal terrier puppy in new home

    Kevin has settled into his new home well, and doesn’t even chase the cats!

    His owner Gina says “He’s very good, extremely bright and sociable. He’s loved learning tricks like giving paw with my daughter Maisy which he got to show off at Mayhew’s Open Day! He’s a real joy.”Rascal the terrier puppy from Mayhew
    Rascal’s story and happy ending is a perfect reminder of how our hard work is so worthwhile and we couldn’t do it without your support!

    Please help us to continue to help more cats and dogs in desperate need and turn their lives around, just like Rascal’s.

    could provide special recovery food that is vital in emergency cases

    could provide a heat pad to keep an animal warm after surgery

    could provide vital surgical supplies to save an animal's life

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