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  • Over 500 Dogs and Cats Rehomed in 2015!
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    • 15 Jan, 2016

    Over 500 Dogs and Cats Rehomed in 2015!

    2015 was a paw-some year for The Mayhew Animal Home, and we are proud to announce that last year we managed to rehome a whopping 416 cats and 90 dogs, and reunite 63 dogs with their owners.

    Not only this, but with our out-reach programmes we also helped 1,327 animals in the community, and our fantastic vet team neutered 2,062 animals and micro-chipped 1,243 animals!

    Our Chief Executive, Caroline Yates, said: “2015 has been a really good year for The Mayhew with our adoption services as well as our preventative community, welfare and veterinary services that we offer.  Last year we found loving homes for over 500 dogs and cats, and we urge those thinking about getting a pet to adopt rather than shop.”

    “Our dedicated animal welfare officers, adoption team, veterinary, cattery and kennel teams all work together to ensure that every animal that comes into us leaves here in the best health and condition ready for their forever homes. We keep our animals as long as it takes to rehome them.”

    This year we’ve seen so many amazing animals come into our shelter and then be rehomed with great, loving families, that we wanted to share some of these fantastic success stories with you. We’ve made a 2015 happily rehomed video so you can take a look back down Mayhew memory lane, and we’ve also shared some special happily rehomed stories from the past few years below.

    From Gordon the deaf Staffy who learnt doggy sign language, to Hi Vis the brave mum who gave birth to Boots and Hard Hat on a building site, find out more about some of the great animals who’ve we’ve rehomed this year.

    Hi Vis, Boots & Hattie (formerly Hard Hat)

    Domestic cat Hi Vis was one of the bravest mums we encountered last year, this amazing girl gave birth to two adorable kittens, Boots and Hattie (formerly Hard Hat), on a building site!

    Our Animal Welfare Officers were alerted to the situation on the site at Brent Town Hall and managed to bring Hi Vis and her three week old kittens to the home where they were checked over by our vets and given lots of love. It took a few attempts to get Hi Vis and her kittens back to safety, as the hall was being refurbished and the cats kept moving around under the floor boards.

    After being well-cared for at the home and given an abundance of cuddles, Hi Vis, Boots and Hattie are now happily rehomed! As you can see below, little Hattie has settled in very well and is enjoying her new life with her best mate Jackson.

    Hattie and Jackson


    What a year gorgeous Gordon has had?! Staffy Gordon arrived at The Mayhew in November 2014 after being found abandoned on the streets of London. It quickly became apparent to our kennel staff that this bouncy white boy was no ordinary dog, he is in fact completely deaf.

    Our experienced dog carers launched a mission to teach Gordon sign language, and taught him to understand commands through hand signals, body language and by reading facial expressions.

    Finally this special boy found his amazing forever owners in 2015, who have been giving him all the love and attention he deserves. Gordon has since launched his own blog, Twitter AND Facebook so you can keep up to date with his progress in his new, happy life, including going on holidays and bumping into Tom Hardy whilst doing his shopping!


    Edie & Cleo (formerly Rimini & Venezia)

    Adorable kittens Edie and Cleo (formerly Rimini and Venezia) sadly didn’t have the best start to life; they were found by a member of the public in a park on a searing hot day, tied up inside a black bin liner and dumped on top of a pile of rubbish!

    When they were brought into us these kittens were clearly in a bad state – they were very distressed, terrified and covered in their own urine.

    After being checked over by our vet team and having plenty of cuddles with the cattery staff and volunteers, these brave little kittens bounced back before finding themselves a loving forever home. They are now happily living their new life together and still remain the very best of friends!


    If you’re thinking about opening your home to a new furry friend, then why not adopt instead of buying one? We have plenty of amazing animals just waiting for people like you to give them a loving home, so please take a look at our cats and dogs up for adoption or call us on 020 8962 8009.

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