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Blind, bewildered
and scared

At 13-years-old, blind dog Barnaby found himself in need of a second chance.


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Barnaby had lost everything.

Barnaby arrived in our care when his owner faced a life-threatening illness and could no longer look after him. He was blind from birth and had spent a whole lifetime learning to navigate the world with his owner by his side, and was extremely frightened by the sudden change in circumstances.

A long road to recovery

When Barnaby first arrived with us, he was anxious about all the new sounds, scents and surfaces he could detect. Blind dogs rely on continuity in their daily lives and changing their routine can be scary and distressing.

Settling Barnaby in required specialist care and attention, and meant making significant changes to Barnaby’s environment and treatment plan. Our Kennels team learnt everything they could about Barnaby’s life so far, so that we could replicate his comforts and routines.

Making a difference

There were a lot of factors for our team to consider when caring for Barnaby. Blind dogs mentally map out their environment, so we were mindful to keep the layout of his kennel the same. We gave Barnaby flat bedding and used anti-stress sprays and plug-ins in his kennel. His walks were carefully planned out to help him familiarise with his surroundings and we fitted him with a harness that went over his body rather than his head, so not to startle him.

Barnaby was used to constant company and pined for his old owner, so our teams brought him into our offices in the day where he could have extra attention.

Could you help us rehabilitate more animals like Barnaby?

Unfortunately, Barnaby is one of the many animals we’ve taken in. We frequently see dogs and cats that require extra attention and treatment, especially right now as we face tough times. Once they’re with us, our staff can offer these animals all the love and care they deserve,
but we need your support to continue to be there for them.

could provide flea and worming treatment for a dog that comes into our care

could kit out our kennels with essential items to help our dogs feel secure and calm

could provide temporary care for the pets of people in crisis

could help pay for essential veterinary treatment for the animals in our care

A new lease of life

As soon as he was ready, our team began to search for a loving home for Barnaby. Luckily, he was quickly snapped up by the same family who adopted Tess, a German Shepherd who we rescued a year and a half ago after she was found emaciated and covered in sores.

Barnaby has since settled into his new life very well and now goes by the name of Shortie. Thanks to the support of generous people like you, we are able to ensure lost and frightened dogs get a second chance at happiness.

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