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Emaciated, weak and covered in sores

A few weeks ago, Tess, an emaciated German Shepherd, arrived at Mayhew.


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She was in a shocking state and clearly in need of urgent medical attention.

Weak and finding it hard to stand, she was just skin and bones and her body was covered in painful sores with several patches of missing fur. Tess’ tail was almost stripped bare and her skin red and irritated; she had scratched herself raw and was in great discomfort.

A race to stop her suffering

As soon as Tess arrived, our Veterinary and Kennels teams sprang into action to assess what immediate steps they could take to try and relieve her suffering. Skin tests were performed and she was vaccinated and given a special medicated bath to help soothe her inflamed and crusty body.

Our Kennels team moved Tess into a warm comfortable kennel and, as she was so desperately thin and malnourished, they introduced a special nutritional diet, feeding her small meals, six times a day, to build up her strength gently, without overwhelming her system.

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Unfortunately, Tess is just one of the many animals we care for. We see cats and dogs that urgently need our help every day. Once they are with us, we know we can offer them all the love, safety and care they deserve. Mayhew receives no government funding and relies solely on donations from generous people like you.

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A slow road to recovery

Tess’ care is ongoing and her rehabilitation is going to be slow. She has medicated baths twice weekly and the team carefully monitor her progress, celebrating each small goal: every gram she gains in weight is a sign that she may survive the trauma she’s been through. Despite it all, Tess is starting to respond to the team’s love and attention with gentle play. We anticipate Tess will be with us for several more weeks, possibly months, as she recovers and we desperately hope she gets better.

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