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    • 15 Apr, 2019

    Announcing our kennel refurbishment

    From the end of April 2019 until late summer, our main kennel block will be closed for refurbishment. We will be replacing and improving the existing structure to give our animals and staff more space, and to create a safer, more fit-for-purpose environment.

    Our kennels are almost 20 years old, and due for an upgrade. Animal welfare knowledge has advanced dramatically in recent years, and the vital work we are undertaking will vastly improve the experience of dogs in our care.

    The new kennel area will be the same size as our current block, only brighter and with much more natural light. We will be creating new kennels that have glass doors to improve visibility, with the bottom panel being frosted and the upper panel being clear. This will allow the dogs and staff to see each other easily, but will prevent dogs from becoming distressed or alarmed at the sight of other dogs.

    The Animal Welfare team area will also be refurbished and updated, including the creation of a bigger office space and an improved intake room, with two exit points for health and safety.

    Can I still rehome a dog?

    We will be unable to take in any unwanted dogs during the refurbishment, but we will still be able to support owners rehome their animal directly from their current home. More details on our Rehome From Home scheme can be found here.

    Can I still adopt a dog?

    You will still be able to adopt any dogs that take part in our Rehome From Home scheme.

    Our Adoption team will support you and the animals’ current owner through this process. For more information, please call reception on 020 8962 8000.

    Will you have any dogs on-site?

    We will continue to support stray dogs found in Brent, and our Animals Welfare Officers will continue to respond to critical welfare cases off-site.

    We will also have very limited space in our unaffected quad block for dogs that require emergency care and cannot be placed elsewhere.

    Are you still running Pet Refuge?

    Our capacity to support Pet Refuge cases will be temporarily reduced, but our new Pet Refuge Guardians may be able to assist with short term crises. Please call reception or email [email protected] to find out more.

    Is Cattery affected? Can I still adopt or rehome a cat or kitten?

    Our Cattery roof was recently renovated, and the Cattery is otherwise fit for purpose. Cat rehoming and adoption processes will continue as normal.

    Is Mayhew/Clinic still open to the public?

    Mayhew will remain open for the duration of the refurbishment, and we will be able to facilitate pre-arranged visits from pet owners, potential cat adopters and our supporters.

    Please call reception on 020 8962 8000 for more information or to arrange an appointment.

    Our Vet Clinic will also be unaffected – to speak to our Clinic staff directly or book an appointment, please call clinic reception on 020 8962 8017.

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