Pet Refuge

We provide shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis for short periods of time.

What is Pet Refuge?

As part of our Community Support, Mayhew runs a Pet Refuge programme. We provide shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis for short periods of time. This could be due to an owner being hospitalised, going to rehab or needing respite for example. We ensure that the animal receives the best possible care and is placed in a safe environment for the duration of the crisis period.

For many people facing a personal crisis, our service is a lifeline. It keeps people and their pets together.

How Pet Refuge worked for me

“Fearne and I rescued each other.”

Rescue Staffie Fearne is nearly 12 years old and lives with her owner Nayan. He adopted Fearne from Mayhew three years ago and has also used our Pet Refuge scheme during a time of need.

“I live with a disability that keeps me at home a lot of the time and adopting Fearne helped me create some structure in my life. She gets me up in the mornings and out of the door when not much else would. I came across Pet Refuge on Mayhew’s website at a time when my health was particularly bad. I got to a point where I was struggling to get out of the house even to take Fearne for a walk. I needed some short term help so that I could keep Fearne."

"After talking to Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers, they offered to look after her for six weeks. This gave me a break and chance to get my health back to where it needed to be. Whilst Fearne was with Mayhew, I was so pleased with the care and treatment that she received. They even gave her flea and worming treatments, a dental check-up and gave her teeth a good clean. She came back full of life and had clearly been very well looked after by the team. After six very long weeks, we were reunited and it was incredible. I don’t know who was more excited! Mayhew’s Pet Refuge was a real lifeline for me. Looking after Fearne at such a crucial time made a big difference and without it I think my health would have deteriorated significantly. I may have even had to give up Fearne completely, which is horrible to think about as we’re so happy together.”

You can help keep people and their pets together

Luckily we could keep Nayan and Fearne together but we need your support to help us in the future.


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