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Mayhew Pet Refuge

There when owners need care


What is Pet Refuge?

We run a Pet Refuge programme that provides short-term shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis, whether that be an ongoing issue or an unexpected emergency. This could be due to a pet owner being hospitalised, going into rehabiltiation or needing respite for example.

Tiger's story

When Tiger's owner Robert desperately needed hip surgery back in December 2021, he didn't have anyone to care for Tiger over Christmas. Sign up to receive our emails to find out more about their story. You can even watch the moment they were reunited after three long months.

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Luna's story

Luna the three-year-old black cat needed our Pet Refuge service when her owner Maisie needed major spinal surgery. Sign up to receive our emails to learn more about the incredible service Mayhew's Pet Refuge provides.

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Pet Refuge guestbook

Click through a few messages of thanks from people who have used our Pet Refuge service and read about the lifeline it provides to pet owners in need.

Daisy & Anastasia*

"My experience with Mayhew has been one I will treasure forever. The love, compassion and care that has been provided to both Anastasia and I has surpassed my best expectations in every way. I am so grateful for all of the services they have provided!"

*Names have been changed.

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John & Stella

“People shouldn’t be put off asking for help. Mayhew doesn’t judge anyone, they’re there to help people’s pets when the owner needs support. It’s literally been lifesaving for me."


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Maisie & Luna

"The Pet Refuge programme allowed mum to confidently consent to having her operation. The inital contact with Mayhew through to Luna's 2 week stay was exemplary!
Kayleigh ensured there was a continuous dialogue with Luna's wellbeing, accompanied by pictures, which encouraged mum's rehabilitation."

Maisie's daughter

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Robert & Tiger

“My first call with Mayhew was like a ton of bricks being lifted off my shoulders. Mayhew were an absolute godsend in my hour of need. I would have felt very alone and even a little scared, without their support.”


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With special thanks to Dentsu Creative, Missing Link Films and Director Narghi for creating the video above.

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