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    • 05 Jun, 2019

    An accidental ‘kit-nap’

    Five-month-old Kismis had been enjoying a happy life in Hounslow, when she unexpectedly found herself lost and alone over 10 miles away in Ealing.

    Being a curious and confident cat, Kismis loved to explore – but, when she accidentally became trapped in a lorry overnight, she didn’t quite know what to make of her unexpected adventure.

    The tiny kitten was found two days after being reported missing; wandering around an industrial estate in Ealing over 10 miles away from home. Given the timeframe and distance travelled, it was impossible that she could have walked there – and equally as impossible for her to find her way back alone.

    Luckily, workers at the industrial estate noticed Kismis looking sad and lost, and called Mayhew for help. Our Animal Welfare Officers went out to rescue her, and discovered to their joy that Kismis had a microchip.

    This meant that after a quick health check, we were able to reunite Kismis with her frantic owner, who was already missing her very much.

    Sadly, thousands of cats and dogs who go missing in the UK every year are not as fortunate as Kismis. Without registered and up-to-date identification, the chances of a lost pet finding its way back home are extremely slim.

    Microchipping is the safest way to ensure an animal can get back to you, and is cheap, quick and painless. Your pet will most likely remain awake for the procedure, and the vast majority of cats and dogs tolerate the process extremely well.

    It is also now compulsory for dogs in England and Wales to be microchipped.

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