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    • 14 Dec, 2022

    741 days and still no home!

    Mayhew is urgently appealing for loving owners for two black and white cats who are set to become their longest feline residents in January unless they are found suitable forever homes. 

    Jessie, aged four years and seven months and Sunny, aged two-and-a-half, were taken into care at the Mayhew on 10 January and 21 January this year and unless forever homes are found for both in the next month the combined time for both to have remained homeless will reach a staggering 741 days. 

    Jessie – the cat from Willesden with “bags of personality” 

    Mayhew was notified about Jessie by a concerned resident in Willesden on 10th January after having spotted him sitting on their garden fence for a number of days without moving looking lost and confused. Jessie was immediately taken to the charity’s headquarters in Kensal Green where he was examined by the veterinary team. Jessie suffered from a flea allergic dermatitis, and it was later revealed that he previously had a head trauma resulting in a broken jaw, anisocoria (unequal pupil size) and a mild head tilt, all of which do not affect him and in no way impact his quality of life.  

    Sunny – a cat found living outside after having lost his owner 

    On 21 January, Mayhew was informed about a cat in Wembley whose owner had sadly passed away and who was found living outside and receiving food from a local neighbour. The charity’s Animal Welfare Officers quickly responded by collecting Sunny and bringing him to Mayhew. Veterinary checks confirmed that Sunny was suffering from a dermatitis and following various treatments prescribed by Mayhew vets this has now since been managed with daily medication.

    “Despite both cats having been through so much, Jessie and Sunny really have come on leaps and bounds and made terrific progress compared to when they first came to Mayhew. Jessie is a loving and sweet cat with a bag of personality. He has a terrific sense of humour, and he loves to play – even a piece of string keeps him happy! He never fails to keep us all entertained. He is a great cat who loves people and wants nothing more than to hang out and be the centre of everyone’s universe. We really hope the right owner will read his profile and Jessie can start the new year in a home he truly deserves.”

    Georgina Costi

    Mayhew Head of Cattery

    She continues, “Sunny is an affectionate little chap and whilst he can be a bit of a scaredy cat initially, once he knows you will happily sit on your lap and even sleep on the bed with you. If you’re very lucky he will even give you a wash! That’s just all part of Sunny’s quirky nature. He enjoys his cuddles and loves to play with all his favourite toys. He would be best suited to grown up home with a patient and loving owner who will bring out the sunny side of very special cat that is also called Sunny!” 

    If you think you could offer cats like Jessie or Sunny a forever home, please click here to find out more about them and contact Mayhew for more information. 



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