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    • 01 Aug, 2016

    Urgent Kitten Crisis Appeal

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help with the urgent kitten crisis”]

    Kitten season is at its peak and here at The Mayhew we’re taking in abandoned, neglected and unwanted kittens every day. Tiny kitten Molly arrived at The Mayhew in June with a very nasty open wound covering the back of her head and in terrible pain. The wound ran from ear to ear right down to her neck and was badly infected.


    Molly’s wound covered the back of her head

    At just 4 weeks old and weighing only 400g, Molly was in a bad way and she was far too young to be away from her mother. Our vet team got straight to work to help her feel better by cleaning the wound and then applying anti-inflammatories and giving her antibiotics.

    “The wound was most likely caused by some sort of trauma to the back of her head,” explains The Mayhew’s Chief Vet, Dr Ursula Goetz. “She was probably either hit by something hard or perhaps bitten by another animal. It must have been incredibly painful for poor Molly.”

    Molly and Cathy2

    Molly with our Vet Nurse, Cathy

    After two weeks of treatment and a lot of love from The Mayhew team, Molly’s wound has healed nicely and she an incredibly confident and bouncy young kitten. “She’s one tough little cookie and has a lot of fight in her!” says Ursula. She charges around her cabin and in The Mayhew kitten garden and loves spending time with people and other kittens. In the last 4 weeks she has doubled her weight and is happy, healthy and very playful. She will be neutered in the coming weeks and then will be available for adoption.


    The Mayhew’s Vet Team give all of the kittens that come into our care a thorough health check, including vaccinating, neutering and treat them for fleas and worms. Our experienced Cattery team spend hours socialising them, feeding them and making them comfortable and our adoption team work tirelessly to find them new forever homes.

    For the tiny abandoned kittens that have no mums, our experienced foster carers give them round the clock care, feeding them every two hours and making sure they grow up healthy and strong. We also care for many Mums and kittens that arrive at The Mayhew stray or abandoned. Feral kittens that we rescue that are under 8 weeks old are socialised and then we find them a new, loving home.

    So far this year, The Mayhew has rescued dozens of abandoned kittens and the number is growing every day. We urgently need your help to enable us to care for these kittens. Please consider making a donation today if you can by clicking the button below. Thank you.

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help with the urgent kitten crisis”]

    We also urgently require foster carers to help care for our kittens as our cattery is overflowing. If you would be interested in fostering please click here to find out more.

    If you would like to adopt a kitten or a cat, please visit our adoption page here.


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