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    • 16 Feb, 2015

    URGENT APPEAL: Some people treat animals like this

    We treat animals like this every day.

    Perry was rushed to The Mayhew with a horrific injury under his front leg, after getting it stuck in his stretch rubber collar. The collar had gradually worn the skin away and become deeply embedded under his shoulder blade, so much so that part of the collar grew into his body and was no longer visible.

    The Mayhew vet team were determined to save his leg and performed three complex surgeries. The final surgery involved a highly advanced technique known as omentalisation in which tissue from inside Perry’s abdomen was used to heal the wound under his arm – similar to an internal tissue graft.

    Perry now lives a happy life with his new family and has all four limbs firmly attached. If the Mayhew vets hadn’t got to him when they did, this little cat would have suffered immensely and most likely have lost his leg.

    Prince had been dumped on a filthy mattress in a park amongst a collection of rubbish. He actually appeared dead at first as he was too weak to move, soaked to the bone, covered in faeces and his coat was matted from head to toe. Our veterinary team immediately got him onto a drip and medication, working through the night to try and save him.

    Sadly, the vets discovered a severe range of medical conditions which had devastated Prince’s body to the point of no return, leaving this poor boy in severe pain and distress. He had clearly been suffering for a long time and the level of cruelty he had endured is unimaginable. With loving care and pain-relieving medication the vet team were able to send him off in peace, knowing he was settled, reassured and finally safe. Without The Mayhew vets Prince would have suffered a slow, painful death, scared and alone.

    The Mayhew vet clinic was able to perform 9000 procedures in 2014. We are planning to extend the clinic and training facilities this year which means we will be able to help thousands more animals every year. Please support our heroic vet team to treat more animals that have nowhere else to go and desperately need our help.

    Please call our donation line on 020 8206 5870 or click the buttons below.

    Thank you.


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