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  • The Mayhew Animal Home joins charities to unite against pinch collars
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    • 25 Apr, 2014

    The Mayhew Animal Home joins charities to unite against pinch collars

    Last November The Mayhew launched a petition to highlight the use of aversive dog collars after we found a dog in a park tethered to a tree by a prong collar. This type of collar has metal prongs inside which dig in and embed into the dog’s neck when pressure is applied upon the collar and lead. The collar also caused emotional trauma to the dog as he became depressed, withdrawn and extremely nervous when being handled.

    Lisa Guiney, Dog Adoption Officer at The Mayhew says:

    “The use of prong and shock collars is cruel, harmful and an unjustifiable way of training your dog. Using treats and/or praise to reward your dog for good behaviour is a more effective method with long term results.”

    Since our campaign began, the RSPCA have coordinated a joint statement (PDF 168KB) on both pinch collars and electronic training devices which all of the major animal welfare charities along with dog training and behaviour associations have now signed up to. It calls for a ban on the use and sale of both pinch collars and electronic training devices, also designed to cause pain. Having achieved agreement from animal welfare and behaviour organisations, we now fully intend to take this strong message to Westminster.

    We have been overwhelmed by the extent of public support the campaign has received and the awareness it has raised through our petition and the larger online petition and hope to see the campaign go from strength to strength.

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