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    • 27 Feb, 2019

    Rehoming Robbie – a tale of one dog and two loving families

    When Robbie’s loving owner died suddenly last summer, daughter Susan was heartbroken. Robbie was a huge comfort, and despite already having a pet herself, Susan wanted to keep him in the family – she didn’t think she could bear to lose him as well.

    After ten tough weeks of trying to look after Robbie in their own home, however, Susan and her husband sadly had to accept that things weren’t working out. Robbie was struggling to get along with their rescue cat of four years, and he clearly wasn’t happy sharing the space with another animal. Despite trying multiple techniques to encourage the two animals to bond, Susan realised it was not fair on their cat or on Robbie to live together long-term. They therefore made the incredibly difficult decision to put Robbie up for adoption.

    Luckily, a neighbour recommended Mayhew, and advised Susan to see if we could help her find Robbie a brand new home.

    Susan was worried that Robbie would not adapt to being in kennels, as he was quite an old dog who had never been left alone before.

    After a reassuring chat with our Adoption Officers, and a full health and behavioural assessment for Robbie, it was decided that they were the perfect candidates for our “Rehome From Home” scheme – where animals are able to remain with their current owner in a familiar environment, until a suitable new owner is found.

    Robbie and Susan were both delighted to have some extra time together, and Susan was pleased that she could be personally involved in the search for Robbie’s perfect family. She and Robbie returned home to wait for potential adopters to visit.

    Soon enough, a man and his wife visited Susan and immediately fell in love with Robbie – and, according to Susan, he with them! The couple were able to ask Susan direct and extensive questions about Robbie’s history, likes, dislikes and needs, and could spend time getting to know him in a natural home environment.

    “It was so reassuring to meet Robbie’s new owners in person. He bounded over to them as soon as they arrived, and sat on the sofa with them for ages! You could really tell he loved them, and they loved him. ”


    Shortly after the couple’s second visit, they confirmed that they wanted to go ahead and adopt Robbie. Mayhew completed all the final home and health checks, and gave the go ahead for Robbie to be rehomed.

    When the day of Robbie’s adoption arrived, it was a bittersweet moment for Susan – but the goodbyes were certainly made easier knowing who and where Robbie was going to.

    Susan said “They even sent us a video of him at Christmas, which was such a nice touch. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Mayhew. Their staff were incredibly kind and caring to us all throughout the process, and we are extremely grateful for their help.”

    “Mayhew’s Rehome From Home scheme worked so well. It must have been much less stressful for Robbie, and it allowed us to get to know him in familiar surroundings. ”


    Robbie's new owner

    Robbie’s new owner Toby added “It was great to meet his former owners and be told everything about him, which meant we could make his transition to his new home much more comfortable. It also gave us a much better idea of him from the start.”

    Happily, Toby and Susan still keep in touch, and Toby sends Susan photos and updates from Robbie – he enjoys a very exciting life with his new family, spending regular weekends on Toby’s narrowboat and going on long walks in the countryside!

    By using our Rehome From Home scheme, you can be assured that your beloved pet will be rehomed safely and securely whilst we support you and their new owner from beginning to end. As well as allowing your pet to remain in a familiar environment and reducing the stress of the adoption process, Rehome From Home also frees up more space at Mayhew for other animals in need.


    Rehome from Home

    Our scheme helps owners and dogs stay together whilst we find them a new home. We make sure your pet is rehomed safely and securely, and we support you throughout the process.

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