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    • 08 Dec, 2015

    We Launch Our Give a Pet a Chance Campaign

    Promoting pet adoption and responsible pet ownership, our Give a Pet a Chance campaign goes live today.

    Did you know that there is a staggering 9 million cats and dogs that are homeless in the UK needing homes and a second chance? The top two causes of homeless cats and dogs are puppy and kitten mills and unspayed and unneutered pets – other homeless pet statistics include:

    • 47% of dogs that ended up at The Mayhew in 2015 were obtained from breeders or pet shops
    • 33% of animals that came to The Mayhew are rehomed via a friend or family or through word of mouth
    • 55% of all cats in the UK are strays
    • 63% of vet professionals say they have seen an increase in pets imported from abroad *

    Our campaign also aims to educate on responsible pet ownership and we are asking potential pet owners to seriously consider the cost, effort and time responsibilities when it comes to owning and looking after a pet during its lifetime. We are offering a Responsible Pet Owner Checklist for potential owners to consider when making the decision to get a pet.  Five million pet owners did not research what’s required to look after a pet before owning one.* Our homeless pets infographic also shows the situation and causes of homeless and unwanted pets in the UK.

    Caroline Yates, CEO, The Mayhew Animal Home, said: “With the huge volume of homeless cats and dogs that come into our charity every year, it’s vitally important that we ensure pet owners understand the responsibilities of owning a pet. Most of the unwanted pets have originated either from breeders or purchased via pet shops or online and rehomed with a friend or family and through word of mouth. Owners have then realised that a pet requires significant investment including food, regular exercise, veterinary treatment, pet insurance and holiday care. Taking on a pet needs a lot of thought as it should be a lifelong commitment to that animal.”

    “We find loving homes for hundreds of dogs and cats every year and we urge those thinking about getting a pet to adopt rather than shop. Your perfect companion is waiting, not only at our facility, but at facilities across the country.”

    Learn more about our Give a Pet a Chance campaign. Not sure whether to get a pet or not? You can read and think about the commitment to owning a pet with our responsible pet ownership checklist.

    You can see our cats and dogs available for adoption and find out more about our vet clinic and the low-cost neutering and vet treatments that we provide, making low cost veterinary care accessible for all pet owners.


    *PDSA Paw Report 2015





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