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    • 11 Feb, 2016

    We love Mill Lane Vets!

    Josh Rusnak at Mill Lane Veterinary Surgery in Brent is our hero! He works closely with our Vet team, offering advice, assistance and second opinions whenever needed. He has devoted so much time passing on his extensive orthopaedic knowledge to us over the years, not to mention the surgical assistance he provides to our animals. In 2015, Josh helped us with 13 complicated surgical cases and he’s never asked for anything in return. He really has helped us to save many animals in desperate need.

    One such case was little Venus, a kitten that came in through our Animal Welfare Officers last summer presenting with lameness on her right front leg. X-rays revealed she had a fracture of her right elbow which is a very challenging fracture to deal with, especially in a growing kitten. We sent the X-rays to Josh who offered his services and he surgically placed a pin in the leg to repair the fracture.

    Venus xray post op

    The X-ray showing the pin inserted by Josh


    Once Venus was fully recovered she was soon rehomed with a lovely new family in London.

    Chunk was a big, bouncy American Bulldog and during his stay at The Mayhew our vet team discovered he had a condition called bilateral laryngeal paralysis.


    He was suffering from breathing difficulties and so required a very long complicated surgery on his throat called a laryngeal tie-back. Josh was immediately happy to help since it was such a complicated case and the surgery was performed at the Mill Lane Practice by Josh and Ursula, The Mayhew’s Chief Vet. Chunk was adopted by his forever family soon afterwards and is living a happy life in Essex.

    On behalf of everyone at The Mayhew and all the animals he has helped, we say a massive thank you to Josh! You can find Mill Lane Vets in North London, more information here.

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