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    • 05 Jun, 2016

    Meet Our New TheraPaws Dogs

    With over 500 visits last year and a growing number of London locations we visit, our TheraPaws pet therapy programme is growing from strength to strength. We’re delighted to introduce our latest TheraPaws dog volunteers who will be visiting care and dementia homes, hospices and hospitals in London. So say hello to our new recruits, and a big thanks to all of our TheraPaws volunteers for giving their time to visit and socialise with sick, vulnerable and elderly people in London. You can read more about TheraPaws here.

    Cosmo is 8 years old. Hopefully he will be visiting North London Hospice. Cosmo’s owner is Sue.

    Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Cosmo

    Kofi is 1½ years old and will be visiting a care home in Battersea. Kofi’s owner is Nadia.

    The Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Kofi

    Lolita is a rescue girl, she will be visiting Whittingdon Hospital. Lolita’s owner is Leonie.

    The Mayhew TheraPaws dog Lolita

    Luna is a rescue and hopefully she will be visiting Barnet General Hospital. Her owner, Hannah, says, “She has an extremely loving nature and loves nothing more than a snuggle on the sofa.”

    The Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Luna

    Maisie is 8 years old, she will be visiting a care home in Hounslow. Maisie’s owner is Johanna.

    The Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Maisie

    Marci is 5½ years, she will be visiting a care home in Harrow. Marci’s owner is Jenni.

    The Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Marci

    Percy is a rescue dog, he is  2 years old and will be visiting Forrester Court Care Home in North London. Percy’s owner is Odeshea.

    The Mayhew TheraPaws Dog Percy

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