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  • Mayhew Georgia kicks off mobile clinic season!
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    • 15 Jul, 2022

    Mayhew Georgia kicks off mobile clinic season!

    During the first half of 2022, Mayhew Georgia has been working with local NFP group “Kakheti” on a project to humanely manage the roaming dog population in the town of Akhmeta.

    After an online survey of the locals, Mayhew International determined the issues around the dogs and what solutions the locals would support. The outcome showed that although there were real concerns around groups of dogs in the city, such as disease and noise pollution, there was support for a programme to neuter and vaccinate the dogs and have them living safely alongside the local residents.

    The local municipality gave the green light for Mayhew Georgia to conduct a dog population survey in Akhmeta and deliver a neuter and vaccination pop-up clinic for both stray dogs and owned dogs. There is little or no provision of small animal veterinary services in the region, so this provided an opportunity to equip them with information and advice. On top of this, they could ensure the dogs would be neutered and vaccinated.

    Over three visits in May and June, Mayhew Georgia travelled to Akhmeta with the mobile clinic and set up the pop-up in a disused kindergarten building. Some of our team went out to catch the roaming dogs in the morning, while some residents who care for the dogs also brought them to the pop-up clinic.

    Overall, 155 dogs were neutered, vaccinated, and given parasite control. Each dog was identified with an ear-tag which will signify to the locals that the dogs are fixed, will not pass on the rabies virus, and have been inoculated against the most common infectious canine diseases.

    Mayhew Georgia will return to Akhmeta to conduct a follow up dog survey. This is which will help show if a sufficient number of the roaming dogs have been neutered to contain the population.

    “Mayhew Georgia would like to thank the teams at NNLE Kakheti, Akhmeta LAG and Edgard Cooper Foundation for making this project possible and for our friends and colleagues at Doggie Doc who help to make up the vet teams for our pop-up clinics.”

    Caroline Yates

    Head of International Projects & Relations

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