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    • 14 Jul, 2017

    The Mayhew Animal Home Rebrands to ‘Mayhew’

    The longstanding London-based animal welfare charity, The Mayhew Animal Home, has rebranded, overhauling its brand strategy, identity and logo to appeal to a wider audience and highlight the range of proactive animal welfare and community outreach work it delivers in addition to the rescue and rehoming work it is well known for.

    The charity has rebranded to ‘Mayhew’ with a strapline, ‘for dogs, cats and communities.’

    The rebrand was prompted after the charity recognised that supporters and the general public were not necessarily aware that the organisation is much more than an animal shelter with its increased focus on preventative work, education and community engagement, aimed at improving companion animal health and welfare both in London and overseas, whilst simultaneously retaining its heritage of more than 130 years of addressing the issues in its local area.

    The charity also recognised that with the rebranded focus its supporter base could be broadened, appealing to a wider audience.

    The London-based charity, which provides help and support to neglected, unwanted and abandoned animals as well as vulnerable, sick and elderly pet owners and the homeless and their pets, worked on the rebrand with the London branding agency, Fabrik Brands.

    The charity’s strapline is changing from “Helping Animals and their Carers since 1886” to “for dogs, cats and communities” and Mayhew’s blue logo is being replaced by a purple logo incorporating a dog’s and cat’s tail.


    The change in strap and logo reinforces the focus on education, preventative work and community engagement that Mayhew has led on for many years, and also incorporates those dogs, cats and communities we are helping overseas.

    Caroline Yates, CEO, Mayhew, says, “We are really proud to be launching our new brand identity. A lot has changed since we started in 1886 but sadly a lot hasn’t. We still see the joy that living with a dog or cat can bring. But we still see the misery and suffering that comes from ignorance and neglect as well as the effect of treating animals as commodities.”

    “We are one of the oldest London animal charities, having been at the forefront of animal welfare for 131 years, so we had to ensure that our new brand embodies the comprehensive and holistic range of innovative work that we do, as well as retaining our recognition and the loyalty and trust we have from our supporters.”

    “Our animal welfare work involves so much more than being a rescue and rehoming charity with a shelter facility, so it’s important that we create wider awareness about our work in London and our efforts to create sustainable change and better lives for animals and communities where we work abroad in Afghanistan, Georgia, Russia and India.”

    Mayhew is launching their new brand at their annual fundraising Family Day Out event, Hounds on the Heath, on Hampstead Heath on 16th July 2017. The day includes celebrity-judged Dog Shows, agility course, food, games and activities. The brand will be rolled out during July onwards.

    For further information on Hounds on the Heath go to:


    1.     Why are we rebranding?

    a)  Mayhew has undergone a major rebranding programme to realign our brand strategy with our ambitious strategic growth and focus on education and preventative action and human behaviour change in animal welfare and veterinary care, working in communities in the UK and overseas. We have updated our mission and vision and our new brand provides a fresh, new and modern identity that is engaging and integral with our realigned brand strategy, values and tone of voice.

    b)  We’re rebranding to get Mayhew better known and understood by a broader range of people as well as to inspire more people to support us. If we can grow our income, we can fund more work to reach and help many more vulnerable dogs, cats and their owners.

    c)   We are primarily perceived and thought of as a shelter and rescue and rehoming charity, however our work and impact involves so much more with our range of community programmes, preventative work and education initiatives that sets us apart from other animal charities.

    Following a recent survey conducted by Mayhew with our supporters, 92.8% of supporters were familiar with our rescue and rehoming work, whilst only 69.4% of supporters were familiar with our work in the community and 66.5% with our veterinary preventative care work.

    Our new brand better represents the reality of who we are and the breadth and depth of what we do so that we can be seen as the leading and credible animal welfare organisation that we are.

    d)  Our new brand epitomises our revised mission “To promote animal welfare by delivering a broad range of community-based and sustainable veterinary, welfare and education services in the UK and overseas.” To be able to fulfil our mission and have an impact where it is needed most, we work out on the ground, working with and involving communities beyond our hub animal home site.

    2.     Has The Mayhew Animal Home changed its name?

    The Mayhew Animal Home charity will now become `Mayhew’.

    3.     Why did you change your name?

    We changed our name as `Mayhew’ gives us more flexibility with the range of animal welfare, veterinary care and community outreach services that we offer and does not solely tie us to where we are located. We relinquished `Animal Home’ from our charity name as our services and impact extends beyond being a shelter and our site in London.

    4.     Why did you change the logo?

    Our logo is a key part of the charity’s overall brand identity and as such it also needed to be updated to fit with the new brand name and strapline. The tails in our new logo represent a dog’s and cat’s tail.

    5.     Why the new strapline?

    We needed a new strapline that holistically encapsulates our work and impact we have because:

    We help dogs and cats in the UK and overseas. We work in many communities – locally across London and internationally reaching thousands of people and creating behavioural and compassionate change towards animals and animal welfare.

    6.     Why are you rebranding now?

    We recognised that we have to change with the times. Charities need to work harder to get noticed and inspire more support. We want to let everyone know about our ambitions, our innovative services and the comprehensive range of our work to help animals and their owners, not just in London but overseas.

    7.     How much did the rebrand cost?

    The project has been planned for some years, with the charity’s Board allocating a budget to cover the costs across 2015-2017 from a special purposes fund. £61,830 has been spent on the rebrand programme to date including implementation. We believe such costs compare favourably versus other charity rebrands; especially considering the range of operational requirements. These include van and ambulance livery, site signage, staff uniforms, educational and promotional materials, digital and website, volunteer materials, dog jackets, leads and tags.

    The budget for the rebrand is very tightly managed and will be within planned budget. We ensured that there was minimum wastage by reducing and not re-ordering stocks of materials. We also worked with suppliers who generously gave us pro-bono or discounted work such as our website and online graphics. Where we could, our in-house team designed materials.

    8.     Are you still a shelter?

    Yes. We are very proud to run a rescue shelter and rehoming will always be an important part of our work but we also do so much more. We will continue to take in and rehome unwanted and suffering pets as a shelter and rescue centre.

    9.     How is Mayhew different to other animal charities?

    Mayhew is truly all about preventative work and encouraging people to change their attitudes and behaviours towards animals in a positive way.

    Whilst retaining our rescue and rehoming facility in Kensal Green, our ultimate aim is to stop animals having to come into the shelter environment, hence our focus on our work in the communities and the provision of preventative veterinary health and welfare from our Community Veterinary Clinic.

    Over the last 17 years we have been innovators and leaders with our successful community focused projects that work to address the root causes of animal neglect, cruelty abandonment and overpopulation. Simultaneously we have grown as an education provider for those wanting a career in the veterinary and animal care professions.

    Our flagship concept and work of the Animal Welfare Officer developed in the early 2000s when our first forays were made with the homeless population of our capital and our fledgling TNR (Trap Neuter Release) programme for the feral cat population in London.

    We now have a team of experienced and approachable Animal Welfare Officers who are out and about in the community on a daily basis, on the frontline, sometimes in challenging circumstances, to help both homeless animals and pet owners in need of advice and support.

    Growing in conjunction and working closely with our vet team and Community Veterinary Clinic, Mayhew has delivered some ground-breaking initiatives over recent years:

    • Free Bull Breed Neutering since 2007
    • Pet Refuge scheme since 2004 – a scheme of temporary foster care for owners in crisis
    • BARK – Brent Action for Responsible K9s initiated in 2006- a cross collaborative body with Brent Council, RSPCA, Met Police and Brent Housing Partnership to address to the misuse and mistreatment of dogs in the community and well as promoting responsible pet ownership – a model replicated in many boroughs.
    • Trap Neuter Release programme for feral cat colonies in London
    • Pick “n” Snip since 2014 – a programme to help vulnerable pet owners get preventative health and welfare provision for their pets at our Community Veterinary Clinic

    as well as addressing the sensitive issues around hoarding cases, on-going welfare cases and responding to emergency situations. All these initiatives have been able to prevent neglectful situations reaching crisis point and have meant that many more animals have been able to stay with their carers with support and supervision and not have to be given up for re-homing.

    Mayhew has worked closely with Brent Council for many years, operating as the reception centre for Brent strays, BARK patrols with the Council officers and most recently advising Brent Housing Partnership on revisions to their pet policy in their tenancy agreements so that tenants can enjoy the massive benefits of pet ownership whilst ensuring the five animal welfare needs are met and adhered to.

    Our animal therapy programme, TheraPaws®, has over 60 volunteers and their dogs who visit care homes, hospitals and hospices in 11 London boroughs promoting the human and animal bond and bringing, comfort, well-being and joy to residents and patients.

    Our on-site Community Veterinary Clinic provides free, low-cost and affordable preventative care for all pet owners without restriction.

    • Free neutering for bull breed dogs and for cats under the C4 scheme.
    • Low-cost vaccination clinics, including flea and worm treatments and micro-chipping
    • Nurse clinics providing nail clipping, grooming, microchipping, dietary advice etc.

    Since 2000, we have worked internationally supporting long-term and sustainable animal welfare, rabies prevention and Trap Vaccinate Neuter Release (TVNR) programmes.  Key countries where we work are Afghanistan, Georgia, Russia and India .

    We provide specialised training to overseas vet professionals, who are the key to improving and promoting animal welfare in their own communities. The vets we train go on to train other vets and student vets in their own countries, thus building capacity for high quality veterinary health and welfare. Our training equips vets with the skills to save and improve the lives of free-roaming dogs and cats and work with owners and communities to raise awareness on how to build and sustain healthier, safer and happier lives for both animals and humans.

    We believe our sustainable and education-based approach to animal welfare in countries with the very great challenges of large free-roaming dog and cat populations and the threat of rabies is key to changing behaviours and perceptions so that animals are treated more humanely and compassionately.

    10.     What are the benefits of Mayhew’s work?

    Over a number of years, we have initiated and launched a wide range of community and animal welfare initiatives, the reach and span of which is not offered by other charities in London.

    Our range of work has a far-reaching and positive impact for the pets and pet owners we help. Our innovative and ground-breaking work in the community has helped thousands of pet owners and their pets look after and keep their pets at home, who would have otherwise ended up in a shelter.

    We also form successful, collaborative working relationships with local authorities to offer help and support to their residents’ pet owners and bring about the education of and change for animal welfare in London.

    Our education work gives practical advice on pet owners’ responsibilities, pets’ needs, safe interaction with dogs and the root causes of neglected and dumped pets. We promote compassion for animals to the younger generation, visiting schools, scouts, cubs and brownies.

    Our Community Vet Clinic offers the highest standards of care to pets, encouraging and educating pet owners to look after the health of their pets and offering an affordable neutering and preventative veterinary service. Mayhew’s vets are highly regarded in the animal welfare and veterinary sector and are trainers to practising vets overseas who in turn pass on the skills they have learnt, so that our reach is extensive.

    Our work internationally is bold and ground-breaking. We promote and educate on animal welfare and compassion for animals and provide veterinary training and population control management advice and support. We collaborate with national governments, local authorities and NGOs, veterinary training establishments and carry out practical work on the ground to make a change for good.

    11.     Where do you work?

    Mayhew is based in North West London and we work across London. We rehome animals across the UK.

    We work overseas in Afghanistan where we are a registered NGO, Georgia, Russia and India.

    12.     Have your address and telephone numbers changed? Have your website and email addresses changed?

    No. You can still find us at Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London. NW10 6BJ. Our telephone is still 020 8962 8000. Our website remains as and our email address is [email protected]

    13.     Why is your domain address still

    For simplicity and cost reasons we are retaining our current domain name. If people search for Mayhew, our website will still appear in search results.

    14.     Have your social media names changed?

    Our social media channels will be rebranded with our new logo and our handles will stay the same. You can still continue to keep up-to-date with our latest work and interact with us on our Facebook page at and on Twitter and Instagram at @themayhew.

    15.     When do we expect the roll-out of your rebrand to be completed by?

    Our new brand is being revealed at our Hounds on the Heath event on Sunday 16th July 2017 and we will continue to rollout the brand over the next three months from July.

    16.     I donate to Mayhew by direct debit, do I need to change my details?

    No, you don’t need to change any of your details, we will still receive your payment.

    17.     What name do I write on a cheque if I want to donate?

    You can still pay `The Mayhew Animal Home’ or alternatively The Mayhew or Mayhew.

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