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    • 01 Aug, 2016

    Left to suffer on the streets

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    WHEN LUDU WAS picked up by HOPE & Animal Trust’s dog catching team while on a routine vaccination drive in Ranchi, northern India, the team could see immediately that she was suffering. She had a very large tumour on her left hind leg which was clearly very painful for her. She was very aggressive and irritated but the HOPE team persevered and eventually managed to catch her and bring her to their vet for treatment.

    The tumour was very large and this poor girl must have been suffering for a long time. Life for a street dog in India is hard enough coping with disease and scarcity of food, but with such a large tumour as well, poor Ludu didn’t have a good outlook.

    The HOPE vet, who is sponsored by Mayhew International and had received training from us, was able to operate on Ludu successfully and the tumour and all the cancerous cells were removed. Just two days after the surgery her personality completely changed and she showed her true colours; a friendly, happy dog. Her whole demeanour and appearance brightened and she quickly regained her strength. Once back to full health, neutered and vaccinated by the vet, she was returned to her community area and is doing well.

    Ludo after_web

    Once Ludu’s tumour was removed, she become a happy, friendly dog again

    Phaguni was also picked up by one of the HOPE team’s volunteers, along with two of her puppies. All three dogs were suffering badly from mange, with severe hair loss and the puppies were very emaciated and weak.

    Phaguni before_web

    Phaguni was suffering from a terrible case of mange

    Sadly, the pups did not survive but Phaguni was treated for her mange with dips and baths and spent three months recovering at HOPE’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. Once her mange had cleared up and she was healthy and strong again, she was neutered and vaccinated and then released back to the local community where she had been living. She is now happy and enjoying her second chance at life.

    Phaguni after_web

    After being cared for by the HOPE team, Phaguni’s mange cleared up

    Mayhew International believes that education is key in relieving the suffering of animals overseas and we fund various animal welfare projects across the world. We have worked with HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi, India since 2006  and since 2008 have funded their neutering and rabies vaccination programme. In April this year the project passed the milestone of 50,000 dogs neutered and vaccinated in the region and a recent dog population survey showed that around 74% of the street dog population were neutered, a figure that needs to be reached in order to start seeing a decline in the overall number of homeless dogs.

    Mayhew International also funds an Education Officer for HOPE, who goes out into the communities and schools to educate children and adults alike on compassion towards animals, rabies prevention and the benefits of neutering, thus changing their perceptions and improving the lives of both the animals and the humans in their neighbourhoods.

    Mayhew International receives no government funding and we rely on the generous donations from our supporters so we can continue to assist and fund local organisations like HOPE. Without your help countless animals like Ludu and Phaguni would be left to suffer on the streets, living in misery and pain. Please help us to help them by making a donation today.

    We need your support to help animals like Ludu and Phaguni living on the streets

    Your £100 could help train local vets on our International Vet Training programme
    Your £50 could help fund neutering initiatives in our overseas projects
    Your £30 could help feed hungry animals at international shelters
    Your £15 could help us stop the spread of disease among street dogs

    You can make a donation quickly and easily using the buttons below or by calling us on 020 8206 5870. Your donation may be used across any or all of Mayhew International’s projects.

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help us ease their suffering”]

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    Thank you.

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    Caroline Yates, CEO

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