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    • 06 Jun, 2022

    An interview with a cat foster carer

    Have you ever thought about fostering cats, but wonder how it works?

    We interviewed Sana, one of our dedicated cat foster carers, to find out more. She has recently fostered Jessie, a lovable boy who has sadly been waiting for his forever family for more than three months. But thanks to Sana’s love and care, Jessie has been able to relax and get all the cuddles he needs in the meantime, in a comfortable home environment.

    Q: What did you expect when you started fostering?

    I heard about fostering cats from a BBC Radio London programme in 2015. I later heard about Mayhew and then followed up by calling them. I didn’t expect such a thorough application process but was very reassured that this was so that the animals would be placed with the most suitable fosterers.

    I was nervous about having a cat in my space indoors, as growing up our cats were always kept outdoors, but it was such fun! Initially, I thought I would not allow the cat(s) to be in my room or on my bed, but that went out the door by the very same night our first foster cat came home!

    Q: What has fostering Jessie been like?

    Jessie is SO full of character! He is sweet and funny and loves a tummy rub. Sometimes he actually acts like he’s a dog! He sleeps in the cutest positions and he is very sociable. Last week we had friends over for dinner including two young children. I was worried that he would be scared or threatened by them, but he was a star and let the boys pet him by the end of the evening and he sat with all of us throughout the night.

    Q: Do you think it will be tough to say goodbye?

    It will be very tough. He gets the “zoomies” in the morning and loves to play with his toys while running all around the house. I’ll miss that a lot. I’ll also miss giving him tummy rubs – he’s the first cat we’ve had who presents himself for a belly rub and will not move until you’ve given him one.

    Q: How has Mayhew supported you when fostering

    Mayhew’s help has been invaluable. Without their monetary help with food and litter, I would not have been able to foster so many cats. The Animal Welfare Officers are also there to answer any questions and it’s also a great relief that Mayhew has wonderful vets that help with care and monitoring of any medical concerns that the cats may have.

    Q: Is there anything you wish you had known before you started fostering that would be helpful advice for a new foster carer?

    It’s easy to get in touch for support from Mayhew if there are any concerns or questions. I also knew from the beginning that saying goodbye to foster cats was going to be tough, so I’d say it’s important to focus on the fact that you are providing a good foundation for a future home for the cats in your care.

    At Mayhew, we’re always in need of foster carers to be a lifeline for our animals, providing them them with a safe and nurturing environment where they can take the first steps toward finding a forever home.

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