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    • 22 Jun, 2020

    How to make a rope toy for your dog

    Did you know that you can make awesome dog toys from old, animal friendly materials found in your home?

    We love watching our pooches play around with their toys, and some of these enriching and fun toys can be made very easily from old materials we have lying around the house. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to make a fun rope toy for your dog. We know your dog will love it, and you will have fun making it too!

    All you need to make this up-cycled toy are 2 old towels or t-shirts and a pair of scissors!


    Step one: Using your scissors, make several cuts along the bottom hem of your fabric t-shirts, each cut roughly three inches apart.

    Step two: Cut or rip the fabric upwards at each cut all the way to the top of your fabric, creating a fringe.

    Step three: Cut off the fringe and gather all the fabric pieces together. Set aside two strips of fabric to use as ties.

    Step four: Using one tie, tie the fabric pieces together on one end securely (be sure to double knot the tie!)

    Step five: Divide the strips into three sections and start braiding.

    Step six: When you have braided the fabric strips together, tie the end with the other strip you set aside in step three.

    Now, get ready for some fun and games with your dog! For extra enrichment, try hiding a few tasty treats in between the braids for your dog to sniff out.

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