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    • 07 Apr, 2016

    Empowering vets around the world


    MAYHEW INTERNATIONAL’S Vet Training Programme aims to teach, train and empower local vets and nurses in Afghanistan, Russia, Georgia and India to improve animal health and welfare standards. We share veterinary techniques and protocols using the resources that are available, as well as encouraging care and compassion for the animals through every step of being looked after and treated.

    Veterinary professionals represent an important conduit to get the message of neutering across as the most humane way of dealing with the overpopulation of street and stray dogs that authorities and local groups are trying to tackle.

    Our programme not only provides training in safe and secure surgical techniques and quality pre- and post-operative care, but also enables veterinary professionals to share their knowledge of the root causes behind dog and cat overpopulation with their clients and local residents. This will gradually change peoples’ attitudes and get them on board with high volume Trap, Neuter, Release initiatives and the importance of neutering their pets.

    Inevitably, when the Mayhew International vet teams are working and training in the field, with municipal or local shelters, they frequently come across street dogs and cats that have been in traffic accidents, are suffering from other conditions or are in need of emergency treatment. Dr Mohammadzai is presently working in Kabul, Afghanistan, negotiating with the government and Kabul City authorities to end the inhumane culling of street dogs. The aim is to initiate a rabies vaccination drive and increase the Trap, Neuter, Release programme to control and contain the street dog population following on from his survey last year. He is also providing support and training for the vets at Nowzad and Tigger House and has assisted them with a few more challenging cases.

    Santa Claus was brought into a local shelter and was in pain from a problem with his eyes. Dr Mo diagnosed entropion, a condition in which a portion of the eyelid is  folded inward which can cause the eyelashes or hair to irritate or scratch the surface of the eye and ultimately damage the cornea. It is very painful and if untreated can lead to loss of vision. Under Dr Mo’s guidance, the vet team managed to surgically correct the condition and repair the eyelid, saving Santa Claus’ sight.

    Tiger, another dog at the shelter, had previously undergone surgery to pin and plate a bad leg fracture. However, it had been difficult to close the wound and it had opened up and become infected. The shelter team were able to consult with Dr Mo and once the infection had been treated, Dr Mo used a technique that releases tension from the side of the wound so that the muscle and skin can be stretched over and then closed. The reconstruction has gone well and Tiger is being monitored as quality after care is paramount to improving survival rates following surgery. The case has been a good learning opportunity in pre- and post-operative care.

    The more local vets become engaged with the health and welfare issues of street dogs and cats, the more chance there is of sustainable change on the ground. Our mission is to enthuse the local vets, providing them with opportunities to learn and develop and then put that knowledge to good use, benefitting both the animals and their own local communities.

    We desperately need your support to continue our International Vet Training Programme so we can help improve animal welfare in the countries we work in. Please help us by making a donation today.

    We need your support to empower more vets around the world

    Your £100 could help train local vets on our International Vet Training programme
    Your £50 could help fund neutering initiatives in our overseas projects
    Your £30 could help feed hungry animals at international shelters
    Your £15 could help us stop the spread of disease among street dogs

    You can make a donation quickly and easily using the buttons below or by calling us on 020 8206 5870. Your donation may be used across any or all of Mayhew International’s projects.


    Thank you.




    Caroline Yates, CEO

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