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    We work closely with homeless charities across London to make sure we keep people and their animals together.

    Mayhew has been a lifeline for the homeless and rough sleepers since 2000.

    A dog is often a homeless person’s only companion, but the added expense of vet and food bills puts an extra burden on people who are already in a vulnerable situation. Our Animal Welfare Officers regularly visit the homeless and their dogs at centres and on the streets, where they build close and trusted relationships with them and provide free general health checks and microchipping.

    We work with homeless centres across London and offer preventative vet care including neutering, vaccinations, defleaing and worming treatments. We give collars, tags and leads to keep their dogs safe and jackets to keep them warm in the cold winter months. We make sure all the dogs have plenty of food and our dedicated Animal Welfare Officers are always there to help, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

    Changing perceptions

    Many people believe that those who can’t support themselves financially but own a pet are irresponsible. We see first hand just how important the bond between a vulnerable person and their pet can be.

    In 2018 we created a campaign to try and change these perceptions. These stories explore life of the streets of London for owner and dog.

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    Your help can make a difference to rough sleepers.

    Please consider making a donation so that we can keep supporting humans and dogs experiencing homelessness.

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