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    • 30 Nov, 2021

    Chocy, a vulnerable older dog in need of a new home

    Chocy, a Jack Russell cross, came to Mayhew at the grand old age of 15. His owner was unwell, and although giving him up was a very hard decision, she wanted Chocy to be with someone who could give him the care he needed.

    Leaving behind the only home he has known, and the love of his owner, left him broken-hearted. Only able to hear the loudest of noises and with very little sight, Chocy was confused by the unfamiliar smells and worry was in his sad eyes. As well as being almost deaf and blind, old Chocy isn’t able to get around too easily. He was born with a deformity to one of his front legs and isn’t as steady on his back legs as in his younger days, so he struggles a little.

    It was a real treat for Chocy to be able to laze comfortably on his orthopaedic bed in his kennel at Mayhew. We put soft towels on the floor too, so he wasn’t anxious about slipping and hurting himself when he walked around. After an unsettling start, Chocy soon seemed happier and took advantage of every opportunity for affection. So we put safety, comfort, and companionship on his wish list for his new retirement home.

    And, we’re pleased to report that the lovely Chocy found exactly that! He’s taking it easy and soaking up the love from his new owner, who tells us:

    “He’s definitely a night owl and is at his most active in the evening. In the mornings he's always up late; I just like to let him sleep, at his age I think he’s earned it! This means that my plans for early morning walks with him don’t work – instead I’ve adapted to his schedule and we go out at lunchtimes and in the evenings. He's such a lovely old thing and I’m so lucky to have him! Thank you for making the adoption process so easy and straightforward, and thank you to his foster carer for looking after him so well.”

    Chocy's adopter

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