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    • 03 Mar, 2020

    Chatting with Lesley Nicol

    We were recently joined by actor Lesley Nicol for a chat about her love for animals and why she chooses to support Mayhew.

    Animal lover and Mayhew supporter Lesley has enjoyed a hugely diverse career, starring in musicals, theatre and television productions. She is recognised across the world for playing the beloved Mrs Patmore in the hugely successful Downton Abbey.

    Lesley Nicol
    Q. How did you become involved in animal welfare?

    A. There is an awful injustice in how animals are cruelly treated but have no voice and no choice. When I joined Twitter, I discovered more about animal welfare and began following like-minded people. I’m one of the UK Ambassadors for a charity called Animals Asia, who I joined after seeing a video online. I also support Medical Detection Dogs, a UK charity that trains dogs to detect early signs of a number of cancers and other diseases, as well as supporting those at risk from conditions such as type 1 diabetes.

    Q. How did you first come across Mayhew?

    A. I first attended a Mayhew event a few years ago with my friend the actor Peter Egan and was very impressed! There is a lot of love, skill and hard work happening at Mayhew – it’s amazing! Last year I had a very busy schedule with the Downton Abbey film but was able to attend the opening of the new kennels, which are brilliant and designed to increase the well-being of the dogs. Mayhew is doing incredible work.

    Q. Tell us about the animals in your life

    A. We have two dogs: Bertie and Freddie. When we bought Bertie, it was before I was involved at all with animal welfare. We have since rescued Freddie – and now I know better, I will only rescue in the future. It’s fascinating to live with two dogs that are so different. Bertie has never really had a bad day, and is very happy and slightly entitled! But Freddie, who was pretty traumatised when we got him, never seems to stop being grateful to us. He really doesn’t like going out much, but at home he is full of joy and sticks to us like glue! If I had to pick a glitzy show-business party or a long country walk with my dogs, it would be a walk, no contest!


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