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    • 26 Aug, 2023

    Celebrating International Dog Day

    Today marks International Dog Day – not that we need any excuse to shout about the amazing canines in our care who are looking for their forever homes.

    In the first seven months of 2023 alone, the number of requests Mayhew received from pet owners to give up their dogs had increased by 66%, compared to the same period in 2022. Now more than ever we encourage people to consider whether they might be able to give a rescue dog (or cat!) the second chance they deserve.

    Thinking about adding a dog to your home? Research has shown that owning a dog (or cat!) benefits our physical, social and mental health, including improvement in emotional and physical well-being and decreased feelings of isolation; just some of many benefits to adopting a dog from Mayhew.

    Dogs make you more active

    Dogs need walking daily but also love playing. So whether it is catching a ball in the garden, a potter round the park or a more high energy hike, take a canine companion with you.

    Having a pet reduces stress

    There is a lot of research which confirms that dogs keep you calm, but did you know the act of stroking a dog can reduce your stress levels? A study by Washington State University showed just ten minutes of this activity reduces your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

    Mayhew works hard to ensure the right match

    As part of the application process we make sure potential adopters and dogs are carefully matched in a way that suits both the person’s and dog’s individual needs and lifestyle.

    If you are looking for a companion of the doggy kind, we have four lovely ladies who are waiting to find their family.

    Old thyme bulldog, white with grey

    Ivy, Old Tyme Bulldog

    This friendly and playful girl adores being the centre of attention and loves nothing more than playing with tennis balls and rope toys. Darling Ivy is a total love bug, and greets any new visitor with a wagging tail. She is a fun, loyal and rewarding companion who will bring so much love and joy to your life.

    Ivy is a little nervous around other dogs but she has made amazing progress during her time here at Mayhew and can now walk alongside a calm doggy pal. We are looking for an experienced dog owner who will continue to train and guide Ivy so she is more comfortable around other dogs. Anyone who adopts Ivy will always have a huge grin on their face as she brightens up every day!

    Molly, white husky type dog

    Molly, Husky x Akita

    Marvellous Molly is a fun loving, happy girl who is very affectionate and is always up for a game of fetch or a long walk through the outdoors. She is intelligent, eager to please, and has an abundance of love to give. The perfect companion for someone who loves the great outdoors and lives in a rural or semi-rural area.

    We do need to tell you that she has spondylosis of her spine which will mean that she may eventually need on-going pain relief but she is not showing any signs of discomfort and is a loving and happy dog. A true testament to how much of a superstar she is! Who needs this stunning girl in their life?

    White dog

    Belle, Staffy x Schnauzer 

    Beautiful Belle is an intelligent girl who is full of personality. She loves going for walks and will sometimes even bring her favourite toy along with her to show off to everyone! She also enjoys basking in the sun (when it comes out) and rolling around in the grass whilst on walks.

    Belle didn’t have the best start in life, so she can be nervous of new people. She doesn’t appreciate being overhandled by strangers but once she’s built up trust with someone, she’s quick to show her affectionate side and enjoys receiving love and attention. A bond built with Belle is guaranteed to be a strong one. Can you give this beauty her forever home?

    River, Husky x Malamute

    Dazzling River is looking for her forever home! She is a sweet natured girl who loves nothing more than a good belly rub! She  also enjoys being out and about, going for long walks and playing with her doggy friends in the park.

    River can take some time to build bonds with new people but once she knows and trusts you, she is very loving and affectionate. She is not so into toys but likes using her nose to sniff out treats in a snuffle mat or to play scent games. It just goes to show how intelligent she is!

    River is looking for an experienced and active owner who will have the time, patience and understanding to dedicate to her needs. She will make a fun and loyal companion for the right family.

    To find out more about our adoption process click here

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