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  • Appeal to Find Owners of Lost Kitten Found Stuck Down Electricity Pipe
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    • 14 Oct, 2015

    Appeal to Find Owners of Lost Kitten Found Stuck Down Electricity Pipe

    We are appealing to find the owners of a lost kitten who was brought to us after being found stuck down an electricity pipe, which runs for three miles from Hackney to St John’s Wood in North London.

    This brave little kitten (pictured above) was rescued by maintenance men by the Old Sorting Office in NW8, and was lucky that the pipe was not live with electricity as it was undergoing maintenance. The men were working on the electricity pipe and had reached 45 metres underground when they heard the kitten meowing. The men thankfully managed to find the kitten and lift it out to safety, where they then contacted us to take the kitten in to be looked after until the family is found.

    Animal Welfare Officer, Tania Mazzoni said: “We are appealing to find the kitten’s owners. We picked Billie up after the workmen called us. The guys were there doing electrical works underground and heard Billie meowing from one of the electric tunnels which was 45 metres down. The kitten was in good condition, I think it was down there for about a day and is very friendly and loves a cuddle.”

    Since being sent to The Mayhew Animal Home, the kitten has received lots of love and attention to help recover from the ordeal. We desperately want to reunite this adorable kitten with their family, as we can’t tell how long they have been missing from home and are sure the owners will be very concerned about the kitten’s whereabouts.

    We’re not too sure how far this little adventurer has travelled, but the pipe is three miles long, starting in Hackney and ending in St John’s Wood in North London. The pipe has several access points, which is where this kitten could have managed to get into the pipe. The pipe’s access points are in these areas:

    • Millfields Road, Hackney, E5 0AL
    • Eade Road, Haringey, N4 1PT
    • Seven Sisters Road, Islington, N7 7QG
    • Lough Road, Islington, N7 8EP
    • Pratt Street, London, NW1 0DP

    We really want to make sure that this kitten goes back to its loving family, so please help us to find their owners by sharing this article, and please get in contact with us if you might know who owns this lovely little kitten.

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