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    • 14 Aug, 2015

    Antonio the Hero

    You may remember reading about Antonio in our Summer magazine – the superhero cat who is a blood donor with Village Vet. His owner Sandra was approached by the vet practice not long after she adopted Antonio from The Mayhew and it turned out that he was the perfect candidate to be a donor. Not only that, he is the very rare blood group B!

    We just received news from Sandra this week that Antonio has been called upon for his first emergency blood donation and he was whisked off to Village Vet, where he willingly obliged. Giving blood is completely harmless for a cat and Antonio was sedated throughout the procedure so he didn’t feel any discomfort or distress at all.

    “He was a little trooper, sat completely still and wasn’t angry with us at all! He was a perfect donor!” said Sarah Egleston RVN at Village Vet.

    Antonio giving blood

    The cat Antonio gave the blood to had fallen 3 stories out of a flat window and was suffering from internal bleeding. She was in a critical condition and needed an urgent blood transfusion to survive. Thankfully she responded well to the transfusion and, although she is still very ill, she is now doing a lot better.

    When Antonio returned home that evening he was none the worse for his adventure, except for a couple of shaved patches of fur. “He looks a bit like a lion now actually, with a shaved bit under his chin!” laughs Sandra, who is glad to have him home.

    Antonio after he gave blood

    Without Antonio’s blood donation, the little cat he helped would likely not have survived. He truly he is a real hero and we can’t wait to hear about his next adventure. Well done Antonio!

    If you’d like to contact Village Vet about your cat becoming a blood donor, click here for more information.

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