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    • 22 Jun, 2018

    About Fizz

    Janet, Mayhew’s Head of Kennels, knew that Fizz was grateful to finally be safe 

    “Fizz was recently brought to us by a member of the public, who found her in a local park wearing a pink dog T-shirt and a collar with no tag. She was terriffed and in desperate need of care. She wasn’t microchipped so we had no way of identifying her owner and we suspect she was abandoned.

    There are many risks and dangers for an animal roaming the streets on their own, whatever the weather, but it was almost 30 degrees that  day, and when I took off Fizz’ T-shirt I could feel the heat coming off her body. She was thin and losing the fur on her rib cage, all the way  down her back legs and her tail. There were scabs on her chest and tummy where the skin had become really sore and her front legs were  pretty much bald. Although she was very timid, she seemed happy to be picked up – I could tell she was grateful to finally be safe and she knew we were here to help her.”

    Starting the healing process

    “The first thing we did was isolate Fizz while we made sure that her skin condition was nothing contagious. The vet team checked her over and prescribed medicated baths twice a week and a cream to sooth her sore skin, as well as giving her vaccinations and anti-parasite treatment to deal with any ticks or fleas. Once she’d got the all clear, we clipped down her long nails and settled her in a kennel with a new bed, blanket and toys of her own, plus some nice wet food to tempt her – little and often to get her used to eating once more.”

    Learning to trust again

    “After a week with us, Fizz is beginning to look better. Her skin is still quite tender but it’s healing nicely, and her fur is starting to grow back.  We’ll continue giving her baths and flea treatment for the next three weeks, then she’ll be reassessed. In the meantime, we’re in touch with  the Vet team each day to let them know how she’s doing. Fizz is still quite nervous after being left all alone, but she’s starting to become more confident and show more of her gentle personality. I’ve been slowly introducing her to new people, and after a while she’ll climb onto their laps, give them a sniff and maybe allow them to stroke her. She’s become very attached to me – and me to her!”

    Help animals like Fizz today

    “Every day, our amazing team of staff, students and volunteers assess Fizz and provide her with everything she needs to get her ready for her forever home. This is the same care and attention we provide for every single one of the 60-plus animals that come through Mayhew’s doors each month. An average stay in kennels is around three weeks and costs almost £1,600, but abandoned animals like Fizz often need to stay with us for a little longer for medical treatment or support with socialisation.

    Fizz is one of the lucky ones and we’re delighted that she has now found her perfect forever family where she is warm and loved and enjoying her new life.

    Mayhew doesn’t receive any government funding and our work never stops. With a regular donation from you, we can continue to provide unwanted and neglected cats and dogs with all the care and rehabilitation they need, 365 days a year.”

    With your help we can save animals just like Fizz – today, tomorrow and in the future

    You can make a donation quickly and easily by visiting our donate page or calling 020 8206 5870.

    Your £3 a month could provide a medicated shampoo bath to help animals with skin conditions like Fizz to heal

    Your £5 a month could provide a soothing cream treatment to animals with inflamed skin like Fizz’

    Your £10 a month could provide anti-parasite treatment for a small dog like Fizz

    Your £20 a month could provide food to feed a dog of Fizz’ size for the duration of their stay

    Donate here >>

    Thank you.

    Janet Nobbs, Head of Kennels

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