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    • 11 Jun, 2015

    A short life of cruelty

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    A tiny puppy was brought into The Mayhew by a member of the public on Valentine’s Day earlier this year, after being found dumped in a park and struggling to breathe. The 2-week old Terrier was rushed to our vet clinic where he was immediately given oxygen and assessed by Mayhew Vet David Cosgrove.

    Cupid (as he was named by the vet team) was gasping for breath and it was clear he was in a great deal of distress. After the initial assessment it was discovered that Cupid had a hernia and was suffering from severe breathing problems, so much so that he started turning blue and going into respiratory distress when taken off oxygen. His condition soon deteriorated rapidly, even while on oxygen, and after only a couple of hours our vets had no choice but to bring his desperate struggle to an end. In his final hours he was made to feel as comfortable as possible and kept safe, warm and loved by the tireless Mayhew vet team.

    Cupid 5


    Dumped like rubbish

    At only 2 weeks old, Cupid was taken from his mother and discarded like a piece of rubbish, most likely because of his poor state of health. “Sadly, the abandonment of young and sick animals is something we see often at The Mayhew,” explains Zoe Edwards, Animal Welfare Manager. “We can only assume that Cupid’s owners were not prepared to take care of a very sick puppy and, rather than bring him in to The Mayhew where we could do our best to care for him, they left him for dead in a park – alone, scared and in a great deal of distress.”

    Cupid’s cruel and unnecessary suffering during his very short life could have been avoided altogether if his mother had been neutered. The abandonment of unwanted animals like Cupid is a huge problem; one unneutered female dog and her offspring can produce more than 67,000 puppies in just 6 years. At The Mayhew we aim to tackle the animal overpopulation crisis in the UK head on by urging all dog and cat owners to neuter their pet so that less unwanted kittens and puppies like Cupid end up being neglected and left to fend for themselves on the street.

    Our Animal Welfare Officers are working in the community, striving to put an end to animal abandonment. Please help our Vets and Animal Welfare Officers to reach and care for more abandoned animals like Cupid by making a donation today. Your support will also allow The Mayhew to continue offering low-cost neutering services to tackle the crisis at the root of the problem.

    We need your help to put an end to animal abandonment.

    £50 could help our Vets to provide life-saving measures for an animal in respiratory distress
    £25 could help fund our Animal Welfare Officers’ van so they can reach more animals in need
    £10 could help towards the cost of neutering an abandoned animal
    £5 could help provide a course of pain-relieving medicine for a new arrival

    You can make a donation quickly and easily using the buttons below or by calling us on 020 8206 5870.

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help animals like Cupid”]

    [link type=”primary” text=”Or set up a small regular donation” url=”” type=”secondary”]

    Thank you.
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    Gillian Notton

    Head of Animal Welfare

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