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  • Animal Welfare Officer month: A Brave Dog – Ruth's Story
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    • 01 Sep, 2015

    Animal Welfare Officer month: A Brave Dog – Ruth's Story

    An emaciated, frail and terrified dog was brought to The Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green, only days from death as her weak body desperately fought to stay alive.


    Ruth was locked outside on a roof

    Our Animal Welfare Officers were alerted to Ruth and her situation by a member of the public who had seen her trapped on a roof where she had been kept outside. On arrival, our officers discovered that she had been locked out on the roof for some time and was in a very poor state of health. Having been starved to the brink of organ failure, she was extremely lucky to have been rescued by The Mayhew in time to save her life.

    Ruth Mayhew Animal Homeruth_05

    The Mayhew’s vet and animal welfare teams gave Ruth, a four year old Boxer cross, round the clock care to get her back up to full health and strength. She remained at our rescue centre for nearly a year while her abuse case was involved in court proceedings. But once the owner had been prosecuted and sentenced, she was finally able to go up for adoption and she now lives a very happy life with her new loving owner in Norfolk.

    ruth_03 ruth_06  Ruth back to a normal weight and at her forever home.

    Carly Webber, the Animal Welfare Officer involved in Ruth’s court case, said: “We are delighted that justice has been served for Ruth. Too many animal abuse cases don’t make it through the courts but the treatment of this poor girl was too horrific to ignore. This poor dog literally came back from the brink of death and now, thankfully, has a second chance to have a happy life instead of one of perpetual misery. This kind of animal abuse goes on behind so many closed doors and is indicative of many problems in our current society and the ease as to which people can obtain an animal. I hope never to see an animal in her condition again.”

    Find out more about our team of Animal Welfare Officers and their work across London. You can also donate to help our Animal Welfare Officers rescue and help more neglected and abandoned animals.


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