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    • 03 Oct, 2016

    We're Celebrating World Animal Day!

    The Mayhew is celebrating World Animal Day (4th October), a global event which aims to improve animal welfare standards around the world.

    So far this year we have rehomed 276 cats and dogs, reunited 51 dogs with their owners, neutered 1208 and microchipped 748 animals. Our Animal Welfare Officers have helped 1020 animals working with pet owners in the community which means that those animals have not had to end up at a shelter like ours. Read on to find out more…


    Our Animal Welfare Officers received a call from Ben’s owner who wasn’t coping at all. When our Officer arrived, he found Ben (pictured above) emaciated, lying in diarrhoea and unable to use his back legs because of wasted muscles. The owner sadly was living in poor conditions and couldn’t adequately feed or care for Ben, so he was immediately brought to The Mayhew by our Officer.

    Our Vet Team examined him and discovered that he was suffering from digestion and gut problems. They put him on a drip and started to introduce him to small meals and very gradually he recovered and put on weight. When he was fully fit, our adoption officer rehomed Ben and he now lives very happily with his new owners. You can read more about Ben’s story here.

    Fruit kittens

    Three four-week-old kittens and one six-month-old kitten were recently brought into The Mayhew Animal Home after being found dumped in a box on the street, covered in maggots and diarrhoea.

    On arrival the older kitten, named Apricot by Mayhew staff, seemed to be in an okay condition and was a good weight, but in contrast the younger kittens, named Cherry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant were completely emaciated, stiff from dehydration, covered in diarrhoea and all had sore wounds that were badly infected and crawling with maggots. Our Vet Team got straight to work by giving them fluids, cleaning the wounds and providing them with antibiotics and they stayed with us in our care until they were stronger and healthier and could be rehomed. We are delighted to say that we found them their forever homes.

    Thanks to Georgina's help, these kittens are now happy & healthy

    Thanks to Georgina’s help, these kittens are now happy & healthy


    The Mayhew’s Vet Team give all of the kittens that come into our care a thorough health check, including vaccinating, neutering and treat them for fleas and worms. Our experienced Cattery team spend hours socialising them, feeding them and making them comfortable and our Adoption Team work tirelessly to find them new forever homes. Read the fruit kittens’ story here


    When The Mayhew was alerted to a local homeless man whose beloved four-year-old Staffie Lucky had been hit by a car, our Officers were on hand to help. Lucky was brought into The Mayhew and our Vet Team discovered that the she had broken her hind right leg and fractured her pelvis. She was in a lot of pain and could hardly move.

    Our Vet Team monitored Lucky’s condition closely over the next three weeks and slowly she began to put weight on her leg again. Thankfully after receiving medical treatment and lots of rest, Lucky was allowed to continue her recovery with her owner, and was soon showing off her affectionate and loyal side.

    In this particular case, we covered all of the veterinary costs for Lucky as her owner was in a vulnerable situation and also provided a collapsible cage and physio tips so that Lucky could continue her recovery once she had been reunited with her owner. Read Lucky’s full story here.




    At The Mayhew Animal Home we actively try to join forces and look out for our local community in any shape or form. We’re always responding to animal welfare issues, helping pet owners take care of their pets and delivering a range of initiatives. So when our Animal Welfare Officers noticed one of our neighbour’s cats stuck between a wall and a building; they jumped at the chance to help.

    Smokey, the 15 month old grey cat, had managed to get trapped in a gap between a building and a high, narrow wall near our Home in Kensal Green. The wall was so high that we needed two ladders to get to her, so the only thing we could do was call for reinforcements.

    After Willesden Fire Brigade arrived and had set up their equipment, Smokey was carefully rescued. Apart from being a little shaken up, she was absolutely fine and was soon reunited with her owner. Read more on how Smokey was rescued.

    Mayhew International

    Mayhew International works in countries to raise the standards of animal welfare overseas through our overseas community animal care initiatives in collaboration with overseas organisations and our International Veterinary Training Programme.

    We advocate neutering as the most humane method of dealing with the overpopulation of companion animals and sponsor rabies programmes that are having a real and positive effect on dog populations and communities. We provide training to overseas charities, organisations and university veterinary faculties. Our training includes high volume sterilisation techniques, protocols for pain management and anaesthesia, the importance of sanitation and sterilisation and best practice in pre- and post operative care. Our Vets and Vet Nurses work with vets and shelter teams in India, Russia, Afghanistan and Georgia passing on crucial veterinary training and skills. We also offer training to overseas vets at our on-site Vet Clinic at The Mayhew in London.

    We also work with a range of governments and local authorities in an advisory capacity to improve companion animal welfare conditions under their jurisdiction.


    Beautiful young dog, Sharif, was originally found as a puppy with a tight cord round her neck and she was in a dreadful state with mange. The team at Nowzad were able to remove the cord and the wound healed and she has since grown. However, the healed tissue has become fibrotic and is causing herbreathing difficulties so that she cannot stretch her neck properly. Dr. Hadi of Nowzad called in Dr. Mo and it is possible that surgery will be able to help.

    Dr. Mo and Dr. Hadi operated on Sharif’s neck. Sharif is doing really well and recovering from her first operation. It is likely that Sharif will need to undergo two further operations to fix his neck completely.


    Dr. Mo and Sharif


    Bandat, a beautiful white male cat, had an old fracture in his left hind leg. He was taken to the Nowzad Clinic and, recognising the vet team there could not help Bandat, they called in Dr. Mo, who carried out orthopaedic surgery on Bandat’s leg after he had been prepared for surgery by the Nowzad team. The surgery went well and was good training experience for Nowzad’s team. Bandat is now recovering.




    World Animal Day celebrates our vision of a society where animals are treated with respect. We help animals in need gain a better quality of life as well as work in the community preventing animal welfare issues arising in the first place and helping pet owners care for their pets. But to keep doing our vital work we need your help.

    Please can you support World Animal Day with us by making a donation to help us help even more animals this year? [donate text=”Donate to help more animals this World Animal Day” source=”WorldAnimalDay”]

    Celebrate World Animal Day with us on Twitter! Get involved and tweet us a photo of you with your furry friends with the hashtag #GiveThemLove and #WorldAnimalDay.

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