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Fred may be blind, but we see a wonderful future for him...

How your support helped one brave, blind pup find his way


With your support, we will be able to help even more vulnerable animals and pet owners this winter.

How you can help

We urgently need funds to buy more supplies of warm coats, light-up collars, treats and flea and worming treatments for vulnerable animals and pet owners. Please make a donation now so that we can continue providing vital supplies and support.


Make a difference to an animal in need!

Earlier this year, as the coronavirus pandemic first hit, we appealed for donations so that we could deliver care packages to people who were unable to access essential pet supplies.

We were blown away by your generosity and our Animal Welfare Officers were able to provide dozens of care packages, make over 150 visits and handle over 1,000 calls with vulnerable pet owners and concerned members of the public.

For the pet owners and animals we were able to support, these services were a lifeline. You made that possible.

This winter, we need your help again

Nine months later, as the tier system is enforced and the cold settles in, we are still inundated with calls from people in our community who desperately need help.

Christmas is also a time when we look forward to receiving physical items from our supporters, but sadly we can’t accept them this year due to the continuing coronavirus restrictions. This is another reason we're in short supply once more.

Giving another chance

We are again asking anyone who is able to, to donate to help us supply over 100 more care packages and ensure that more animals don't go without food and warmth this winter.

Our bespoke care packages will include essential items such as warm coats, light up collars, flea and worming treatments, toys and other enriching items. The packages will include food to help vulnerable animals get through the winter months, which has kindly been donated by Burns Pet Food.

Your support will also enable our Animal Welfare Officers to continue to take calls from worried pet owners and members of the public who are concerned about stray and feral animals in their local area. During such a stressful time, their friendly, expert voices at the end of the phone will take the weight off of worried owners' minds.

Pets have been a lifeline to millions of owners throughout the pandemic, and with your support, we'll be able to protect the inseparable bond people have with their animals and keep as many cats and dogs as healthy as possible.

Please can you help us provide essential supplies?

Whatever you can afford to give will go directly towards providing vulnerable animals and pet owners with much needed supplies and vital support.

could provide a feral cat colony with food to survive the winter months

could microchip an elderly person's cat while their owner is unable to leave the house

can provide a warm coat for the dog of a person experiencing homelessness

could go towards a course of flea and worming treatment for one vulnerable dog or cat

Burns pet food

All food has kindly been donated by Burns Pet Food.

Show your support

You can ensure we're there for more animals like Fred and Banjo who need extra care and attention.

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