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Make this year count for dogs like Suzie

There’s still time to make this year count for dogs and cats who have survived unimaginable neglect during Christmas


Suzie 'a little Dachshund' was crying and frantic at being left when she was brought in and signed over to us. She had a serious skin condition and was terrified around people. But after she was treated by our experts, she recovered well and is now happily enjoying walks. We’re hopeful she’ll find a loving new home very soon.

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Every day, Mayhew is fighting for a world where animals are treated and cared for with respect. Our teams are working around the clock to save animals from a life of cruelty and neglect. Last year for every pound raised we spent 77p on animal welfare and 23p on raising funds and awareness. But we couldn’t open our doors without your support. Any amount we receive will help save hundreds of animals in need. Please help us keep our doors open this year and donate today.