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A life, shared -
through the good times and the bad

We work to ensure that people and their pets stay together - but we can’t do it without your help.


As the pandemic continues and we move into the winter months, we’re working harder than ever to keep people and their pets together. Please help us continue this vital work by donating today.

A life shared, is a life saved

As little as £5 can ensure that our Animal Welfare Officers are just a phone call away from those who need us most.


Make a difference to an animal in need!

We know that being together and staying together has never been more important.

Throughout lockdown, those of us lucky enough to share our lives with an animal know how precious their company is. However, with the worry of economic disaster and the winter flu season, on top of a rising coronavirus infection rate hanging over our heads, many people are still at risk of losing everything - including their beloved pets. It is now more essential than ever that Mayhew’s community projects are here for those who need them.

About the campaign

To illustrate the importance of the connection we share with our pets, we’ve worked with McCann Demand to create a series of animations drawn by renowned artist Dane Khy and animated by Coffee & TV. The single line drawing in the animation represents the unique and unspoken bond that humans and animals share. By representing this visually, we can all see how detrimental it would be to both owner and pet if this bond was broken. At Mayhew, we work to ensure this bond never has to break.

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We’re also launching a dedicated radio advertising campaign, which features Mayhew supporters, actor Jason Flemyng and psychotherapist and author Philipa Perry, who both wanted to help us share this important message. The ads can be heard on over 100 digital radio stations - including Capital FM, Classic FM, LBC and Gold.

Our pets make home, feel like home

Jaswinder was homeless and living in St Mungo’s supported accommodation when he realised he needed help. Unable to afford to pay for his beloved husky Twilight’s care, and with no friends or family to turn to, he suddenly found himself in a desperate situation.

Jaswinder did a lot of research to find someone to take care of Twilight, and luckily discovered our Pet Refuge programme. Our Animal Welfare Officers visited him and discussed the programme, and then a few weeks later Twilight was able to come and stay in our kennels for four weeks while Jaswinder got the help he needed.

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A life, shared

This messaging builds on from our original campaign ‘A life, shared’, which we released back in January 2020. We shared a selection of poems and animated videos in partnership with McCann Demand, written from the perspective of a pet and an owner and voiced by Louis Theroux and Emily Raymond.

These poems spoke about how crucial it was to maintain and appreciate the unique bond between humans and animals. At the time, we could never have predicted where we’d be now - or how much more important these words would become.

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Help us bring a silver lining, to their darkest days

Our Animal Welfare Officers are doing everything they can to support people and animals just like Jaswinder and Twilight. But with a reduced capacity and even more demand on our time and resources, we now urgently need your help to ensure we can remain a lifeline.


Make a difference to an animal in need!

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