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    Your support could save precious lives.

    Help us continue to provide our expert veterinary care in 2024.

    Ill and injured dogs and cats arrive at our busy clinic every day where our team spring into action to assess what’s needed, and how we can help.

    It’s only with the kind support of people like you that we can respond to the needs of animals that come into our care.

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    We were worried Hans had lost use of his legs.

    This sweet black cat was found trapped between two fence panels, meowing in pain and struggling to stand up. But thanks to our vet clinic the team were able to carry out x-rays and put him on a plan to help heal from both his accident and malnourishment.

    In just a few weeks Hans started gaining weight and tentatively standing again. The partial paralysis caused by the fence had resolved.

    You can help equip our amazing team with the items they need to care for injured animals like Hans.

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    Everyone fell in love with Bubbles!

    This adorable pup was only a few weeks old and suffering from a bad case of fleas. Fleas are no small matter, left untreated, small puppies like Bubbles can die from the complications they cause.

    Post treatment and fully recovered, Bubbles became the star of the clinic. Sweet, playful, and loved by absolutely everyone she met.

    Thanks to the support of people like you, we can easily cure an animal like Bubbles of their flea infection.

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