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    Mayhew is a lifeline for countless dogs, cats and pet owners but we are struggling to be there for all those who need us.

    Since 1925 Mayhew’s vet clinic has been at the forefront of providing vital support to pet owners in our communities, delivering much-needed veterinary treatments and interventions.

    In the wake of the pandemic and cost of living crisis, we are seeing an unprecedented demand for our services. Pet owners are struggling now more than ever and our own costs are sky rocketing.

    But with you by our side, we can be there for every dog and cat that needs us, ensuring they live happy and healthy lives and enjoy a lasting love with their families.

    Please, if you can, will you help keep pets and people together? 

    Yes, I’ll help

    Through our clinic we provide veterinary treatments to hundreds and dogs and cats each year. We also provide preventative veterinary services to pets whose owners cannot otherwise afford it.

    We are facing an unprecedented demand for these services, with a 70% increase in demand for our care and support for dogs compared with last year. The figure is even more stark for cats, with a 100% increase in the call for our support.

    Will you help us be there for those who need us?

    Sadly, day-to-day costs for our clinic have risen by more than 20% year on year and we are struggling to be there for all those who need us. In 2023, we delivered 10,213 treatments to dogs and cats in need - but there are still so many more animals we want to reach.

    Will you lend your support today and enable us to meet the surging demand for our clinical care?

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