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    Are you organising your own bake sale, coffee morning or a dress up day at school? Maybe even a pub quiz, or a sweepstake and a sing-along to this year's Eurovision Song Contest. We have lots of ideas and downloable resources below to get you started.

    Are you looking to plan a fundraising event for Mayhew?

    If you’re not sure where to start and need help getting those ideas flowing - we’re here to help. And if you need a collection tin, leaflets, banners or posters, just let us know!

    Be in charge and do something amazing! We have lots of helpful resources available on our website like checklists, tips for raising money, and quiz questions (with the answers!) for all your fundraising needs.

    Do you want to do your own fundraising or do it with a group of people? Whether you convinced your school friends to help or got your co-workers to join in, we have a team that can help you raise money. We have everything you need to raise money and get ideas.

    Thanks for helping dogs and cats at Mayhew!