Little Dora had been living as a stray in peoples' gardens before coming to Mayhew. When she first arrived she was extremely nervous and shutdown. She has slowly started to come out of her shell and once she's built a bond with someone you get to see her affectionate and playful nature shine through. She still has a long way to go and is looking for an understanding and patient owner who has plenty of time on the hands to gain her trust and continue building her self confidence.

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  • Breed
  • Terrier mixed breed
  • Age
  • 4 years 7 months old
  • Weight
  • 5kgs
  • Sex
  • female
  • Reason for arrival
  • Abandoned
  • Can be left alone?
  • No longer than 3 hours
  • Can live with dogs?
  • Yes
  • Can live with cats?
  • Yes (please read notes)
  • Can live with children?
  • No
  • Garden required?
  • Yes
  • Toilet trained?
  • Yes
  • Travels well?
  • Yes
  • Knows basic commands?
  • Yes (but needs further training)
  • Friendly with strangers?
  • Nervous
  • Can live in a flat?
  • Yes with direct access to a private garden
  • Social with dogs on walks?
  • Yes
  • Needs to attend training classes?
  • 1-2-1 training required
  • Owner experience?
  • Experienced owner
  • Daily exercise required?
  • 1hr controlled off-lead walk
  • Medical conditions?
  • Treated for ear infections

Other Notes

Dora is currently living in a foster home until her new forever home is found. She is looking for an experienced owner who is knowledgeable about dog behaviour, ideally having owned a nervous dog before. Dora will never be a confident dog, she will need an owner who is willing to adapt their lifestyle to be able to cater for her needs. She's looking for a calm, all adult home, without too many visitors. She is also looking for a home with a well-mannered and sociable dog in the household who can help show her the ropes and be a good influence on her, therefore she wouldn’t be suitable for a home where she’s the only dog in the household. She could potentially live with dog-confident cats who will stand their ground won't allow themselves to be chased by her. Dora needs a home away from busy roads and her route to the local park will also need to be accessible without having to walk along a main road. Her adopters will need to meet her a number of times until she feels comfortable enough to go home with them. Dora has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea & worm treatment. She has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed.

Foster Carer Comments

It took quite a few visits before Dora was comfortable around me, but it was so worth the wait. It was wonderful to see her affectionate, playful and sometimes cheeky side come out. It also took quite a while and a lot of patience to get Dora less nervous of the outside world, especially of sudden noises, traffic and strangers going passed. She has improved in time, but some unexpected noises can still set her back. She will be more relaxed when with another dog, although she will still need more work on how to cope with the things that scare her. She is especially happy and relaxed now once we get to the park, especially if she goes with a friendly dog and also mixes with other dogs when she is there. She is also very well behaved at home, she rarely barks, is toilet trained and is happy to be stroked, groomed and to cuddle up with someone she knows and trusts. She will be such a rewarding dog in the right home.

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I’ve been rehomed!

I have found my forever home! Meet our other animals that are looking for a home.

Meet All Dogs

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