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Little Coco is a sensitive girl, she gets along well with calm people, always happy to greet them but she can be reactive with some strangers i.e. joggers or people who suddenly appear and startle her. She's also fearful of other dogs and will run at them barking in an attempt to warn them off. With people she knows and trusts she is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap soaking up all the attention.

Coco has been reserved

Coco has been reserved. Please take a look at our other animals looking for homes.

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  • Breed
  • Chihuahua
  • Age
  • 7 years 8 months old
  • Weight
  • 4kg
  • Sex
  • female
  • Reason for arrival
  • Owner's Ill Health
  • Can be left alone?
  • Needs someone at home during the day
  • Can live with dogs?
  • No
  • Can live with cats?
  • No
  • Can live with children?
  • No
  • Garden required?
  • Yes (private garden)
  • Toilet trained?
  • Yes
  • Travels well?
  • Yes
  • Knows basic commands?
  • Yes (but needs further training)
  • Friendly with strangers?
  • Yes but can be reactive to some
  • Can live in a flat?
  • No
  • Social with dogs on walks?
  • No
  • Needs to attend training classes?
  • 1-2-1 training with a dog trainer required
  • Owner experience?
  • Experienced owner
  • Daily exercise required?
  • 1hr controlled walk on a longline
  • Medical conditions?
  • Luxating patella

Other Notes

Coco is looking for a home in a quiet semi-rural or rural area where she can be exercised without coming across too many strangers and other dogs. Her new owner will need to be experienced with dogs and be able to work on her reactive behaviour around other dogs and work with a dog trainer. She can live with sensible teenagers from sixteen years of age and upwards providing they have lived with dogs before. She wouldn’t be suitable for a household with visiting young children and she’ll need to be the only pet in the home. Coco has regular skipping with her right hindlimb. She has good mobility and exercise tolerance and has no signs of discomfort with this leg. She does however, have a common condition in small breeds called medial patella luxation. This is grade 1 out of 4 in her right knee and grade 2 out of 4 in her left knee with a lower number being less "severe" luxation. This is due to her patellas (knee caps) being more mobile than normal and they can be moved out of their normal groove in the knee. In small breed dogs with low grade luxation like Coco it is not recommended to have surgery to correct it. It may be required for you to see a private vet in the future to help with management of this condition if there is progression (e.g. ongoing anti-inflammatory medication). Coco has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea & worm treatment. She has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed.

Foster Carer Comments

Coco is a teeny bundle bursting with affection. She loves nothing more than jumping on your lap. She expects to be the centre of attention. She'd rather not be anywhere near other strange dogs and reacts with hostility even at a distance. While she can be distracted, it's obviously a stress for her. Coco is the definition of a lap dog that will smother you with kisses and follow you to the ends of the earth.

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Coco has been reserved

Coco has been reserved. Please take a look at our other animals looking for homes.

Meet All Dogs

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