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Thrown away like rubbish

Ginger kitten Barbara was found in a taped up litter tray and had been put out with the rubbish.


Abandoned and unwanted

Just £25 could enable our Animal Welfare Officers to answer a cry for help when animals like Barbara need it most


Make a difference to an animal in need!

She was covered in urine.

A member of the public heard a cat crying, and found Barbara trapped in a taped up litter tray. She had been thrown out like rubbish, and was very frightened.

Lucky to be found

Upon receiving a call about Barbara, our Animal Welfare team advised the member of the public to bring her straight in. It was then discovered that not only was Barbara trapped, she was also covered in urine, and her collar had been wrapped twice around her neck. It was suffocating her. Our vets checked her over and cleaned her up, before settling her into our cattery to recover.

Can you help us save more animals like Barbara?

Unfortunately, Barbara is just one of the many animals we care for. We see cats and dogs that urgently need our help every day. Once they are with us, we know we can offer them all the love, safety and care they deserve. Mayhew receives no government funding and relies solely on donations from generous people like you.

could provide flea and worm treatment for a dog that comes into our care

could provide essential nutritious food for an animal in need

enables our Animal Welfare Officers to answer a cry for help when an animal needs it most

helps pay for essential surgical equipment for our vet clinic

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