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    • 23 Sep, 2015

    World Rabies Day 28th September

    Every day is a struggle for street dogs across the world to find food and shelter whilst avoiding the dangers of busy roads and deliberate acts of cruelty. However, the needless suffering from infection and disease is preventable, and makes a huge difference to both animals and humans. Mayhew International is working hard to eradicate rabies but we need your help to do it.

    Just £10 can buy a vaccination jab pack

    The jab pack contains vaccines that will protect dogs against rabies and a number of other infectious diseases, including distemper, Parvo and leptosprirosis, that can pass animal to animal or animal to human.

    Prevention is better than cure & a little goes a long way

    Mayhew International collaborated with Mission Rabies and HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi, India on a rabies vaccination and prevention programme in 2014, vaccinating  5,000 dogs. And in  November 2015 the Mayhew International team will be returning to Ranchi for a rabies vaccination drive with the target of  vaccinating another 5,000 dogs in just 2 weeks. Your support really will help us save lives – animal and human – around the world.

    Please support World Rabies Day this year by donating just £10 for a jab pack

    To donate simply fill in the form below or call us now on 020 8206 5870. You can also read our profile on Dr Jalil, Mayhew International’s Afghanistan Project Manager here.

    Thank you.

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