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  • Will you be a lifeline for dogs and cats this Christmas?

    No animal deserves to be left alone and cold this winter.

    This winter, how many innocent kittens will be left in boxes on our doorstep?
    How many loyal dogs, like dear Hercules, will face the grief of losing their family?
    How many cats, like Marissa, will be abandoned in the cold?

    We’re deeply concerned about the number of animals that will be brought to us this winter. Some will be from owners who, facing unimaginable financial strain, can no longer provide for them; others, regrettably, may have been impulsive Christmas gifts.

    Now, more than ever, dogs and cats are in need of the kindness and generosity of people like you.

    Please, will you make a special Christmas donation? Your gift could be a lifeline for innocent dogs and cats like Hercules and Marissa.

    Yes, I’ll help

    Hercules, the sweetest of boys, was recently handed over after spending nine loving years with his owner, sharing many happy memories. But, as the cost of living soared, his owner tragically faced homelessness. I’m sure you can imagine how heartbreaking this was for both of them.

    Despite being torn apart from their family, dogs like Hercules remain hopeful in anticipation of a new home. Your support will ensure that while they wait, they will receive the love and care they deserve.

    Little Marissa was just 9 months old when she was abandoned in a carrier outside a tennis club. A kind passerby found her and took her to the police station. Poor Marissa spent a lonely night there, her fur infested with fleas, before being brought to us. Those bright, innocent eyes of hers pleaded for warmth, for care, for love.

    Your gift will help our clinic to provide urgent medical treatment to animals who are hurt, sick, or desperately hungry. It will help to provide them with safety, warmth and shelter.

    Please, if you can, donate today to support Hercules, Marissa, and every dog and cat who will need help this Christmas.

    Donate today