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  • Rex is looking for a foster home.

    We are looking for that extra-special person who could give Rex a temporary foster home.

    Finding a foster home

    This sweet, sensitive boy is intelligent and loves to please. As he waits to find his forever home, we are looking for a very special foster home for six-year-old Staffy cross Rex.

    Find out more about rehoming Rex here.

    Rex needs someone with specific experience who meets our criteria to be a foster carer volunteer, which you can find out about here.

    Additionally, Rex is looking for someone who is prepared to foster him in the long term, over a period of at least six months or more. He wouldn't be suitable for a busy household or a house-share, and cannot live in a flat. Rex will need a house with a private, escape-proof garden with at least six foot fencing. Whilst he can be left home alone for a few hours, this will have to be built up slowly, and may take a couple of months to do so.

    To foster Rex, you will be someone who:

    • Has, as an adult, owned large dogs before, ideally bull breeds
    • Is strong enough to control him and active enough to exercise him on a long-line (he can’t go off lead), and can give him one to two hours exercise
    • Has the time to mentally stimulate him at home, doing training and calm games
    • Is calm and confident with the knowledge and ability to read dog body language
    • Knows not to over stimulate him, how to direct his focus onto training and will reward calm & sociable behaviour
    • Has no other pets or visiting dogs/pets
    • Is living in a rural or semi-rural location
    • Has no children or visiting children
    • Lives in a calm home without too many visitors
    • Drives and is prepared to travel back and forth to Mayhew during opening hours for vet treatment if needed and to meet potential adopters. As we’re looking for someone outside London you may need to pay for private vet fees in an emergency (non-refundable)

    Could you foster Rex?

    If you meet the above criteria, and that on our foster page, please email your interest to [email protected].

    We are not in a position to respond to queries from anyone who does not suit Rex’s needs, so please read carefully before applying.

    Please note, we are not recruiting for any other volunteer roles at present but please check back here in future.