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    • 20 Aug, 2017

    Urgent Appeal to Replace our Stolen Animal Ambulance

    After our animal ambulance was stolen earlier this month, we are urgently appealing for donations to help us continue our work rescuing and saving animals.

    A couple of weeks ago one of our animal ambulances was stolen and is yet to be reported as found or returned to us. We are absolutely devastated as this trusty Suzuki Carrier ambulance was vital to our work and we relied on it to help us transport the hundreds of sick and injured animals we rescue every year.

    Being one ambulance down is having a huge impact on the number of animals we are able to rescue. We urgently need to have an ambulance back on the road and we need to raise the funds as quickly as possible to make this happen.

    Mayhew CEO, Caroline Yates, said: “Our Mayhew ambulances have been on the road helping thousands of animals since 1925. They are vital to our work and having one of them stolen is having a huge impact on the number of animals we’re able to rescue. We desperately need to raise enough funds for a replacement, so anything anyone could donate would be very much appreciated.”

    The new van we want to get is larger, safer and will be an electric model which will save us money in the future by being more efficient as well as being exempt from paying various road taxes and congestion charges.

    Please can you help us replace our stolen van by donating? You can donate on our JustGiving page here.

    Anything you could donate would be really appreciated and will help us quickly get another animal ambulance on the road and continue rescuing more animals in need. Thank you.

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