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A life, shared

Our new campaign focuses on why it's so important that people and their animals stay inseparable.


We have helped over 10,000 people and animals ‘stay inseparable’ over the last 10 years.

We know that our relationship with animals is powerful, intimate and reciprocal, and can be the difference between life and death for people in a vulnerable situation. This is why we run community programmes like Pet Refuge, working with homelessness and education. But not everyone appreciates how vital the human-animal bond can be.

About the campaign

To try and make people think twice, we've worked with McCann Demand to create a set of poems – illustrated with a poignant single line drawing by renowned artist Dane Khy – to bring the idea of an inseparable bond to life, and help people reflect on the animals or animal lovers in their own lives and how they would feel if that line was broken. The poems have been placed in spaces where people can stop, read and connect with them, such as London tube stations and local papers.

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An animated film of a third poem, created in partnership with Coffee and TV, features Mayhew supporters - theatre actor Emily Raymond and journalist Louis Theroux, who wanted to help us get this important message into the world.

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Share our campaign

Please help us share our campaign on social media with the hashtag #stayinseparable so that we can help even more animals and owners in need.

A crisis could happen to anyone, at any time

Nine-year-old Kilo was adopted by owner Elayne just over eight years ago.

For Elayne, this unfortunately coincided with the beginning of a series of significant health problems, which have required emergency surgery and continuous treatment.

She has suffered through two separate cancer diagnoses, and major surgery. Her physical pain and lack of mobility have also caused Elayne’s mental health to deteriorate, leaving her depressed and, at times, suicidal.


Throughout Elayne’s trauma, Kilo has been her rock and reason for living – Elayne has very few family or friends nearby, and so relies on Kilo as her sole source of comfort and kinship. Without Mayhew, Elayne fears she would have had to give Kilo up – an act which she admitted would have taken her to “a very dark place indeed”.

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Stay inseparable