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    • 16 Jan, 2017

    Sick Puppy Abandoned in Cat Carrier and Left for Dead

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    A terribly emaciated and sick puppy was brought into The Mayhew Animal Home, after she was found abandoned in a cat carrier.

    The tiny three-month-old Pomeranian cross puppy, Lulu, was brought to the attention of our Animal Welfare Officers when a member of the public found her dumped in the cat carrier and left for dead near Neasden in Brent. She was extremely thin, covered in faeces and seemed to be struggling to breathe.

    Seeing that she needed urgent care, our Officers rushed Lulu back to our Home where our Vets could give her treatment and make her feel more comfortable.

    Sadly, our Vet Team could tell straight away that Lulu was in a very bad condition.

    Mayhew Vet, Dr Emily Richardson BSC MRCVS, said: “When Lulu was brought into us, she had difficulty breathing, and was emaciated and hypothermic.”

    “We began her care straight away and gave her intravenous fluids, warmed her up with a heated blanket and hand fed her food to help her get her strength back. We also provided her with oxygen therapy, pain relief and antibiotics to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable.”

    Though, despite all the urgent veterinary treatment and loving care from our Vet Team, Lulu’s condition just continued to deteriorate and our Vets had to make the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering.

    Dr Emily said: “Lulu was very unwell and her condition deteriorated during the day. We carried out chest X-rays and they showed that she had severe pneumonia, which is a very poor prognosis in puppies. Unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to put Lulu to sleep due to the severity of her condition and the fact that she was suffering so much.”

    “Our number one priority is to do the absolute best for every animal that comes into our Community Vet Clinic at The Mayhew, and sadly the kindest thing for Lulu was to end her suffering, and put her to sleep.”

    With loving care and pain relieving medication, our Vets were able to send Lulu off in peace knowing that at last she was safe, comfortable and relaxed.

    Our Officers rescue hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year, and we urge people to contact us first if they are having problems looking after their pet or paying for veterinary care.

    Our Animal Welfare Manager, Zoe Edwards, said: “Unfortunately every year we see lots of sick pets being abandoned because their owner cannot afford treatment, and it is very likely that this was the case for Lulu.”

    “To let an animal get to such a neglected state like Lulu and not do anything before it’s too late is cruel and completely irresponsible. We cannot imagine the level of pain that poor Lulu must have been in and only wish that her owner had come to us or another animal welfare organisation first, before abandoning her in a carrier.”

    “We are devastated that Lulu got to such a bad state at such a young age, but hope that by sharing her story we can spread awareness to prevent this happening to more pets.”

    “We encourage people who are having problems taking their pet to the vet or affording treatment to get in contact with us first before the health and well being of their animal deteriorates any further. No matter what the problem is, we do not judge anyone and are here to help the animal and prevent suffering.”

    Every day our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Team work round-the-clock responding to animals in need, just like Lulu. Please consider a donation to help them continue with their vital work.

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