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    • 21 Aug, 2018

    Severely matted dog found abandoned near a main road

    A bichon frise, who was completely matted and covered in faeces, was recently discovered wandering by the side of a busy main road in North London in the middle of the night.

    This comes just a few weeks after we took in Brian, a 10-year-old poodle, who was also found abandoned by a busy main road in the middle of the night, in a similar condition.

    A member of the public noticed the two-year-old wandering by the side of a main road in Alperton, North West London in the night. He was completely alone and had no lead or collar on.

    At 2 am the member of the public brought the bichon frise, named Prince, into our care.

    Mayhew Animal Care Assistant, Chloe Watkinson, said: “When Prince arrived at Mayhew, he was extremely matted and his fur was very dirty and covered in faeces and urine. He was hungry, dehydrated and a little nervous.

    “We settled him into a kennel and monitored him, until the Vet team could check him over. After he had a bit of sleep and felt safer, Prince started to show his friendly and loving personality.”

    Mayhew Deputy Head of Animal Welfare Community, AJ Ford, added: “We don’t know how long Prince had been wandering the streets for, but are thankful to the member of public for spotting him when they did. He was nervous when he first arrived and later vomited in his kennel. Given the state he was in, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had been scavenging for food.

    “We can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for Prince to be left all alone and wish that whoever had abandoned him had called us first. At Mayhew we are here to assist and advise on the best course of action for the animal, no matter what the problem is.”

    Prince was quickly seen to by our Vet team at our on-site Community Vet Clinic and was given a thorough health examination to check his condition.

    Mayhew Vet, Dr Emily Richardson, said: “Prince was severely matted and extremely filthy when he first arrived at Mayhew. An initial health check also found that he was not microchipped.

    “Prince was clipped and given several baths by Kennel staff. He then had a dental to remove tartar build up on his teeth and to extract a rotten tooth, and was given a thorough ear clean. He was also neutered, vaccinated and given flea and worming treatment.”

    After having lots of care from our Kennels and Vet teams, Prince slowly began to look much healthier and his sweet, friendly personality started to show.

    He’s now ready to find the loving family he so deserves, head here to meet him or call 020 8962 8000.

    If you find a stray dog in the night, please immediately phone your local dog warden. Click here for a list of numbers for London dog wardens or please visit

    Our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet team respond to hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in vulnerable situations. Please consider a donation so we can continue our vital work helping more animals like Prince.

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