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  • Saving Street Dogs In Georgia

    Mayhew is working alongside the local authorities to address the litters of puppies being born on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia.

    Born on a freezing doorstep

    On a bitterly cold night in Tbilisi, local resident Lina found a stray dog shivering on her doormat. This poor dog had had recently given birth to 10 puppies, one of them barely breathing. With the help of her neighbour, Lina took the mum and pups into her apartment, where they managed to revive the smallest one.

    It was so cold that the puppies certainly would have died if she hadn’t come their rescue.

    Lina had no experience of looking after dogs, but felt she couldn’t turn her back on these animals in need. She put a request out on social media, asking for information on how to care for new-born puppies. Luckily, Mayhew Georgia’s Volunteer Coordinator Salome spotted the message and we were able to contact her with advice. Mayhew-trained local vet Dr Ana Metskhvarishvili DVM explained that we run a Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Return (TVNR) programme in Tbilisi, enabling Lina to then have the mum and her pups neutered and vaccinated free of charge.

    We need your support

    Thanks to your generous donations and the tireless work of Mayhew trained vets and our volunteers in Georgia, we are starting to see an improvement in the health and well-being of the free-roaming dog population in Tbilisi. However, we need your support to continue our vital work and to help stop the unnecessary suffering of future generations of unwanted puppies.

    could cover the costs of a rabies vaccination

    could neuter a street dog in Tbilisi

    could provide a complete care package for one dog

    could provide a week of training for a local Georgian vet

    Litters of unwanted puppies

    We are working alongside the local authorities to address the litters of puppies being born on the streets of Tbilisi. Our comprehensive TVNR programme neuters and vaccinates street and community dogs before returning them to their territories, where they are monitored by local Georgian volunteers. As part of the TVNR programme, dogs are vaccinated against rabies as well as some of the most common canine diseases such as distemper and parvo-virus, which unfortunately are still rife. We also provide training in safe and secure neutering techniques for local vets, improving veterinary standards.

    “I didn’t know who to turn to, but luckily Mayhew helped me every step of the way; they were really kind and helpful and the puppies and their mum have all been neutered and vaccinated and are doing really well.”


    Help us stop their suffering

    We need your support to continue our vital work helping street dogs in Georgia.


    Make a difference to an animal in need!